Uploaded: 25 Oct, 2009
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Author: Samson, Xorith, Rogel, and Ga

Downloads: 346

The client side code for enabling a mud to connect to an IMC2 intermud network. This package is intended for general use in most Merc derivatives.

Changes for this version include:

* All necessary const char* fixes for gcc 4.2+ have been completed.
* Extra prototypes added to the imc.h file for better support of 3rd party plugins.
* CircleMUD install instructions updated, thanks to mtfox.
* Support for channel-notify has been removed due to excessive bandwidth use.
* BUG: Packet registration handler breaks if another function registers a packet type before IMC loads.
* BUG: An incorrect color tag was used in the imchistory display.
* BUG: imcignore support was not functioning properly.
* Hackish fix to break the infinite loop problem in imc_read_socket. Not fixed, but won't stay trapped anymore.