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The server portion for building IMC2 intermud networks.
Supports all known versions of the IMC2 client code.

Changes for 2.1

* Replaced scomp function with Justice's new version of str_cmp.
* Updated versions of is_number, strip_lspace, strip_tspace, and strip_spaces.
* Removed vector_argument function and replaced with Justice's one_argument function.
* Replaced the imc_hasname, imc_addname, and imc_removename functions with updated versions.
* Updated all std::string handling code to use const references where possible, both for speed and integrity purposes.
* Removed a number of unnecessary return statements at the ends of some functions.
* Some file loading functions would not handle corrupted files properly.
* Banning a conenction destroys the entire connection list for the server the command is sent to.
* Support for the channel-notify packet has been blocked at the server level due to excessive bandwidth use.
* Servers would become trapped in a broadcast loop if they initiated a channel broadcast announcement on a public channel.
* Login packets containing spaces in the type or mudname will now be rejected as invalid.
* Added tokens for configuring SHA-256 connection muds via the manual update file.

This project has had various developers over the years. Names we could find: Xorith, Rogel, Orion Elder, Scion Altera, Shogar, Kratas, Tagith, Noplex, Senir, Trax, Samson, Ntanel StormBlade( Anthony R. Haslage ) and Oliver Jowett