Uploaded: 05 Oct, 2009
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Author: Darien

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Okay, this is the internal webserver I use in CombatMud. I haven't had *ANY* problems with it, now, if there are any syntax errors in this, its because I wrote it at work.

Now, some code may look familiar, it is very much based off of rom's socket structure, but it works quite nicely.

I also think I got the help system from AFKmud when it still had the internal webserver. I'm not entirely 100%, so if someone recognizes where its from, please feel free to let me know. it was modified slightly to slide into my webserver code, but it was written about a year and a half ago, so I don't remember.

And the html_colourconv is just standard, it was itself, a snippet. I included it in my snippet because it is used, I don't have any of the specs for it (ie, who wrote it) so if someone knows, lemme know, (throw it in the comments box) as again, I don't know, and the original file didn't have credits attached to it.

With that being said, this webserver has not crashed combatmud, not a single time, which as I remember, is why Samson removed the webserver from AFKmud, because it would cause crashes. So, I feel very comfortable with it, and I believe it is a nice resource to anyone who chooses to use it.

Feel free and enjoy!