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Author: Davion

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This codebase was originally derived from the ShadowStorm codebase. It has had some significant changes done to it over the years. The OLC is more extensive and richer than ShadowStorm. It has an OLC for all the progs, languages, classes, races, skill/spell groups, commands, and skills. There's also an OLC for editing vnum constants (OBJ_VNUM_SCHOOL, etc.) It uses a wilderness code that loads from a PNG (png examples provided.) Item types have been reworked and are now called 'uses'. This allows one to put multiple item types on an item (a sword that can sheath another sword [samurai pizza cats!!], whip that can be a belt, etc). It has a bank code, arena code, custom colour code, auctions, a secondary OLC that has some promise but never finished. A very extensible event system, basic item forging, mining for ore, player run housing, code for werewolves and vampires, a few different mappers, mountable players/mobs, and key based area formats. There's probably a ton more too ;). This game is not ready to go out of the box, a lot needs doing. It's probably more worth it to harvest ideas from it and add to your existing work ;).