Uploaded: 04 Mar, 2009
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Author: Igor van den Hoven

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The MUD Telopt Handler has been created to add telnet support to any given mud, though it has been written to be more easily added to merc muds.

Version 1.3 supports the following telnet option negotiations:

NAWS (Negotiate About Window Size) Allows clients to report their screen width and screen height to the MUD.

TTYPE (Terminal Type) Allows clients to send their terminal type, allowing one to enable certain features for compatible clients.

NEW-ENVIRON (Environment) Allows sending system information, used in this implementation to detect Windows telnet.

MCCP (Mud Client Compression Protocol) Allows compressing outgoing data, reducing bandwidth usage for the server.

MSSP (Mud Server Status Protocol) Allows the MUD server to send generic and statistical data about itself. This data in turn can be used by crawlers of MUD directories to automatically update the MUD's entry and generate usage statistics.

Version 1.4 adds the following:

EOR (End of Record) Allows marking prompts to aid clients with handling packet fragmentation.

MSDP (Mud Server Data Protocol) Allows the MUD server to send variables. This data in turn can be used by clients to generate tactical interfaces.

Xterm 256 colors (ANSI color extension) Allows sending classic 8 bit RGB colors.

MTTS (Mud Terminal Type Standard) Allows communicating generic terminal capabilities.

Arachnos (MSDP based Intermud network) Allows chat communication between multiple MUDs using a spider.