Uploaded: 11 Feb, 2009
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Author: Igabod

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This is a makefile that I made with the help of Tyche. It should work with any codebase with minor tweaks to both the makefile and the code. You must have a firm understanding of your codebase to get this to work. Instructions for use of this makefile are included, but instructions on code changes are limited due to the wide variety of codebases this will work on.

The features include:

Color - To make important information more visible
Wildcards - To remove the need to edit makefile when you add/remove files
Cleanup option - To help in the removal of un-necessary files for tar-ing your code.
Cygwin compatibility - For those of you offline code tinkerers.

And others, just look at it to find out all of it's features. This should work on all codebases, but I make no guarantee on this. Check out This Thread for more info about this makefile, skim past the unimportant bits.