bitmask.2.1.addon(extended flags).c.txt

Uploaded: 07 Oct, 2008
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Author: Retnur/Runter

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This goes along with the bitmask code for infinite flags I wrote that are being used for the project.
If we want to have pretty flags that are human readable here is the addon to that snippet.
Because it is infinite flags it can't use the same format as before. Because that format wasn't extendable.
This extended flags format I have designed works like this:

Instead of
You can expect

As explained in the code it goes from
(A)-(Z) representing bit 1 through 26.
After that
(AA)-(ZZ) representing bit 27 through 27+26.
After that
(AAA)-(ZZZ) representing bit 27+26 through 27+26+26.

It works for any number and any amount of bits.
I've included a function to save and load in this format as well as conversion functions.

I still need to release a few other functions for this but, meh, I'll get around to it when I get around to it.