object parser 1.0.txt

Uploaded: 06 Oct, 2008
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Author: Runter/Retnur

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This is a little something I've been toying around with. With this system the following is possible.

get 10*sword
// pick up 10 swords
put 5*sword "old".chest
// put 5 swords from inv into chest with keyword old.
get all.sword bag
// Gets all swords from bag.
get all.sword all.bag
// gets all swords from all bags.
get all.hum.sword all.bag
// Get all swords with the humming flag from all.bag.
get hum.sword all.glow.bag
// Get the first hummer sword from bags.
get all.2.sword "black".bag
// Get every other sword from a bag that shares the keyword "black"
drop "rusted".sword
// drops the sword that also has the keyword "rusted"

The system has tons of applications and it's somewhat streamlined.
Much better than the typical hacks to make "all" functional.
It's not 100% complete but it's already quite functional.
I use it with drop, get, mail, give, and many other object manipulation commands.