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08 Oct 10 #1

In a similar fashion to the wonderful service Zeno and others are currently providing, I'd like to throw my hat into the free host list.

I've had a VPS for quite some time that doesn't do anything more than run a demo version of my game; and I'm tired of letting the resources go to waste :) Currently it is running on minimal resources, but I am willing to scale upward as needed in the future depending on user load/usage.

Requirements are the same as Zeno's: member here for at least 1 week and 5 constructive posts or a single code upload of your own work.

All other info (and how to apply) is located at http://www.ackmud.net. Thanks for reading!


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23 Jun 11 #2

Sweet, glad that you decided to do this. I'll be sure to sign up I've got a mud project in mind that I think most people will like as long as they appreciate the futuristic cyber punk style of things like Ghost in the shell or Armitage III kind of cyber punk.