Enter the Realm of Magic and discover the Magic and
Mysteries that it holds for you.

Slay monsters, cast spells, mix alchemy potions or just
rely on your wits and skills. Go on over 70 scripted
quests, accept randomly generated assignments, take part
in one of the many online quests directed by immortals and
mortals alike or face the automated mayhem of vikings attacking
a coastal town. Recover from your adventures in the harbour
town of Moonglow, share your stories about mythical
monsters, hidden cities and relate rumours about werewvolves and
vampires. Socialise in the famous orders and take over
responsbilities as a venerable judge, advisor or even lord.
To encourage roleplay, people are allowed to customize
their description in extra details or clothing and use an
extended emote command.

Extra emphasis is put on easy use of the Realm. A java applet
is installed on the homepage for playing the game and extensive
in-game features support decent playing even with telnet
e.g. multiple command aliases and speedwalk and many other things.
Additionally, MXP extensions for clicking of actions have been
added for player convenience.

Blind or visually impaired people using a talker program should
connect to port 4002, which reduces the text sent to the client

And yes, the Realm is running on a dedicated server with good
connection to the internet.

Newest additions: Familiars, Player run shops
Britannica, Underdark, Western Mountains, Poveglia
LuminariMUD is a project merging/optimizing/bug-checking/documenting/stylizing the combination of tbaMUD/d20MUD/LuminariMUD(old).

LuminariMUD is a fantasy themed MUD with influence from D&D campaigns such as Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. A completely original world, storyline and history is in development.

Game mechanics are influenced by D20/D&D3.5 and MUDs such as Toril and Duris.

We are in Pre-Beta Development, but open for visitors.

Dragonball: The Dark Prince Returns is a DBX and DBI derived mud
which is based on both CircleMUD and DikuMUD based codes.
Thanks goes to all for even thinking up such a game. The theme we have
is DB/DBZ/DBGT. If this sounds like the type of mud for you please come
and join us.

Staff of Dragonball: The Dark Prince Returns
AddictMUD has been around for about 20 years and it is still going strong. The owner, Brazil, is still adding and changing features and content fairly regularly. The game is based on the Dragaera novels by Stephen Brust, but there are many more zones ranging from the perilous Snow Mountain to gunfights in Tombstone, AZ. There is something for everyone on AddictMUD!

The current multi-classing system and extensive code manipulation has turned this Circle based MUD into an almost completely original system. With typical recognizable points, but a broad range of customization, this game is very stable and familiar - yet it is a new adventure for anyone familiar with the usual CircleMUD fare.

With interesting classes like Ninjas and Psionicists as well as your typical Warrior, Cleric and Sorcerer staples, there are many ways to multi-class. Classes are commonly referred to as "guilds" and there are nine of them, as well as five sub-guilds. It makes it easy for you to make a character that is different from everyone else's.

Come check us out and one of our extremely newbie friendly players will help you get started!