Dark Brothers of the Light is a cult favorite series of books by author Janrae Frank. Now it is also a MUD, being launched by the author herself. It is a recreation of her world, Daverana, without a single stock area (except for the mud school, which we'll replace in time). Thus, there's a lot of work to do, and we need to enlist some help.
Builders of all levels of experience are asked to apply. The main requiredment is the ability to work with in a collaborative environment. Familiarity with CoffeeMud is a plus, but not a requirement. Most scripting can be done using ROM-style mobprogs and building is done via an easy to use interface. You can even, if so inclined, create an area file to be imported, though some adjustment may be needed. NO JAVA REQUIRED!
Builders will be given a free copy of the first book in the series, Blood Rites, in order to familiarize them with the world. We do ask that you be at least 18. We don't wish to be a place for people to have cybersex, but the books - and thus the MUD - do have adult content.
What we aren't looking for are previously created areas that would need to be reworked to fit, unless you are willing to do the work needed yourself.
We also will have a need for other staff, so feel free to apply even if you have no desire to build.
The best way to apply is to go straight to the Staff Application section of our forum. We'll review your application and give you access to Blood Rites. We've streamlined our interview process a bit more, so we should be able to get you started with minimal wait.

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