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Star Wars: Dark Forces RPG has had a long history. Emperor Palpatine was
defeated at Endor thirty-five years ago, thrown into the Abyss by Darth
Vader. Now the Yuuzhan Vong, a race from another galaxy, hope to conquer and
enslave all. The Empire has been reborn as the Imperial Alliance, trying to
stop the Vong while at the same time attempting to establish order in the

The New Republic is crumbling, its members leaving to join the Imperial
Alliance or being killed by the Vong. Many small factions have risen, hoping
to end the chaos which has come about hte galaxy. Are you ready to serve the
Empire or save the crumbling Republic? Or perhaps there might be profit to
make as a self-server. Nevertheless, this is a time of Dark Forces.

This is very popular MUD which has grown tremendously, with all original
zones and original programming. Roleplay is encouraged here, and rewarded if
done. The immortals participate in the events of the game, but it is the
mortals that shape our history. Give us a try, and you will see that you
have a new addiction.