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New to the forum, first post. I've been a regular player on the God Wars II MUD (godwars2.org 3000) for quite some time and we've been quite popular. Unfortunately last year, some players took it upon themselves to drive away a majority of the player-base and did a pretty good job. We went from a consistent 20+ players to less than half that. Measures were put in place to prevent game abuses such as spam-killing newbies, and harassing players, so they left, but it was too late and the damage had been done. Now we're in the process of rebuilding our player-base and I'm proud to say we're 100% troll-free.

God Wars II (www.godwars2.org) is developed single-handedly by KaVir. He's somewhat of a celebrity in the MUD community. He developed Gladiator Pit III, as well as the original God Wars, which was stolen and distributed without his permission to become the base for many other MUD's. God Wars II is unlike any other MUD around. It has a unique combat system and a vast (1 billion X 1 billion) coordinate-based open world. It's a dark-fantasy style genre with 6 unique classes (Vampire, Demon, Werewolf, Mage, Titan, Dragon) and more to come. You can choose from a huge variety of weapons and fighting-styles, and there are countless monsters to kill and many areas to explore.

Here's an excerpt from the website:

Over 180 talents, each granting specialised character options.

Over a hundred unique powers divided among six supernatural classes.

Leveless advancement through stats, skills, styles, powers and talents.

Specialised knowledges, such as tattoos, magical runes, glyphs or warps.

Each player has a home plane which can be terraformed as desired.

Pets and familiars that can be trained, equipped, and issued orders.

Shapechanging powers, including a fully customisable form for demons.

Numerous ways to craft and customise equipment.

And that's just a few of the amazing features that GWII has.

Here's a player review:

"God Wars II is the premiere game for hardcore PvP enthusiasts. It also has one of the most deeply complex combat systems ever devised.

Much of the game plays very differently from traditional codebases that MU* veterans may be used to (Diku, LP, etc), thus amplifying the already steep learning curve. Players new to text based games who are patient and pay attention to tutorials, helps, and hints would likely have less trouble picking it up. Additionally, the game features six (unless Lich was ever finished…) very customizable fantasy classes. Each has a number of subclasses and players are able to respec their characters at any time. If you've ever wanted to be a Metallic Dragon, and destroy small villages while the villagers run around screaming, you should definitely check out God Wars II. Just pay attention during the game's introduction."

- Lycanic

And a sample of the combat:

You leap up into the air.
You spin around in midair. Damocles somersaults over the store.
Damocles kicks at your back with both feet while in midair. You
deftly evade his kick.

You swing your body into the stance called 'Crane Spreads Wings'.
You land back on your feet and drop into a defensive crouch.
Damocles crashes to the ground.

Finally, God Wars II has no rules. Only 1 person has been banned ever, and that was for spamming every channel on the MUD with multiple bots. Even the players who endlessly harassed others to quit weren't banned, they just left because features were put into place to prevent them from harassing people. If there were 1 rule, I think it would be, "Think of the consequences of your actions.". Help rules puts it best.

From the MUD:

There are no real rules here; just use your common sense. If you're smart
enough to learn how to play this mud, then I'm sure you're also more than
smart enough to understand what result different actions have on the mud.

If you abuse bugs instead of reporting them, then the admin have to spend time
tracking those bugs down instead of adding more game content for you to enjoy.

If you constantly harass other players, then the admin have to take time away
from developing cool features so they can add ways to protect your victims.

If you repeatedly kill newbies, then they'll probably quit, giving you fewer
people to interact with and reducing your long-term enjoyment. Newbies are
like fruit: for maximum pleasure you should let them grow and ripen before
plucking them from the branch and devouring their succulent flesh.

You can help make the mud a better place, or you can worsen it. We hope you
choose the former, and help us produce something that we can all enjoy.

I know that's a lot to take in so if you have any question or comments, feel free to ask. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you in-game. (I'm Pygmalion on there too.)
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Q: Why should I play God Wars II?
A: It's the best MUD around, hands down.

Q: Why do you think God Wars II is the best MUD around?
A: You can literally do and be anything. You can be a Cloud of Bats, a Giant Bat, a Were-wolf, a Wolf-person, a Were-bear, a Were-fox, a Dragon, a Lizard-man, a ghost, an Elemental, and a Giant. And thats not even including Demon which can be even more things like a giant spider, a tentacle-monster, a giant slug, and the list goes on.

You can do things like, terrorize villages, rescue Prometheus, sew socks, and wear other people's faces, just to name a few.

How can I play God Wars II?
A: Go to the website (www.godwars2.org) and download Mushclient and the God Wars II Plugin. Install both and you're ready to go.

Q: What's the Plugin?
A: It adds pictures, maps, and sound to the text game, making it that much more awesome.

Q: Why should I play?
A: We're free, we're troll-free, and the players are good people.

Q: What's gameplay like?
A: Most commands consist of 2-letter shortcuts. Instead of typing "kill mob" you control each attack location independently with commands like rs (which stands for right strike). It's complex but rewarding once mastered. Movement is difficult for newer players to grasp because it's completely different that other muds, but once mastered it becomes second-nature. Starting out requires a lot of reading but if you don't read the tutorial you will likely get lost, so don't skip the tutorial!