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We place a high degree of emphasis on our clans at End of Time and have recently expanded the number of clans available to the players. All of our clans but one are intended for roleplay purposes and serve as the backbone for both the player centric roleplay stories and the immortal ran events and storylines.

Our clan system allows for different types of clans, but each of them are able to support up to 5 divisions with 10 ranks per division, although not all clans will use all 5 divisions and almost none of them use 10 ranks even in a single division. It's there for growth, and we have our clan system designed to support a pretty big playerbase that we hope to build.

We have two main classifications of clans as per what we have implemented… Government World Powers and smaller Rebel Clans. The world powers are what you would expect, the major players on the global scene that control a majority of the resources and territory. I will link our two government oriented world maps at the bottom, too. The rebel clans largely exist as you would expect, rebellions or resistance against the might or scope of the world powers; a pretty fundamental theme of most of the early Final Fantasy games.

Leadership positions are still available with The Returners and AVALANCHE, but have been filled for the others. Pretty much ALL OTHER high ranking positions in all of the clans are still available as well, so this is a great time to come and get involved.

World Powers:

Guardia Kingdom
Based on the Kingdom of the same name from Chrono Trigger, this is End of Time's sole good aligned world power. The history of Guardia is a complex one, their roots based all the way in an ancient magical Kingdom that many today regard as myth. Their history is also intricately intertwined with the Kingdom of Baron from Final Fantasy IV, actually having officially merged with that Kingdom some years prior in the MUD's history. Guardia is a Kingdom that relies heavily on magic, values virtues such as honor very highly, and generally looks to keep united what is an admittedly fractured and often divided Kingdom, always having the best interests of their subjects at heart.

Shin-Ra Electrical Power Company
Based on the company of the same name from Final Fantasy VII, Shin-Ra is one of two "evil" aligned world powers. Shin-Ra's history largely mirrors that from Final Fantasy VII, a power company that discovers "Mako" energy, a powerful source of electricity that they use to power their cities, but a source that others claim harm the planet, that others claim is derived from the very spiritual lifeforce of the planet itself. Shin-Ra's primary aim is accumulation of wealth, and any acquisition of power or territory is in service to that. They have the smallest territory, most of it centered within their two largest cities of Midgar and Junon.

The Al-Bhed Empire
Based primarily on The Empire from Final Fantasy VI (which in turn is based largely on the Empire from Star Wars, just in a fantasy setting), The Empire's history largely mirrors that from the game. A charismatic and powerful general named Gestalh rises to the head of his military and begins conquering neighboring towns, eventually becoming the Emperor of his self built Empire. Rediscovering magical secrets once though lost, he risks repeating the same mistakes that led to an ancient, devastating war that the planet still bears its scars. Those mistakes cost him and his insane jester-like second in comamnd their lives. The Empire was left in shambles but nevertheless rebuilt, briefly trying their hand at being among the "good" guys. This lasts for a little while, but the old desires of power, influence, and territory gets the better of the Kingdom, and after opening their borders to the recently displaced Al-Bhed (a technologically inclined subrace of Humans), the Empire turns it back on magic (the thing that was their downfall to begin with) and with the technological ingenuity of the Al-Bhed at their disposal, the now rechristened Al-Bhed Empire sets their sights on global dominance.

Rebel Clans:

The Returners
Named after their counterparts in Final Fantasy VI, The Returners are the resistance to the might and territorial expansion of the Empire. The original Returners disbanded and many absorbed into the Empire during it's reformation as an honorable entity, but with the tide having turned back toward their former, oppressive ways, a new group has sprung up carrying the banner and ideals of the original. Probably the most widespread and diverse of the rebel clans, the Returners are a loosely organized paramilitary that has members spread throughout the Imperial territory and throughout the towns and territories that border the Empire. Their primaries goals are to stop any further Imperial expansion along with liberation of some of the Imperial cities. When avoidable, they prefer to use the tools of subterfuge, propaganda, and non-violent acts of sabotage. They are looking to liberate, not destroy, so there remains a concern to minimize both property damage and loss of life.

Named after the group present in Final Fantasy VII, AVALANCHE is an eco terrorist group that primarily operates in and around Midgar, Shin-Ra's central hub for use of Mako energy. Their history closely mirrors their counterpart from Final Fantasy VII, AVALANCHE is a group whose most famous incarnation were responsible for numerous bombings in Midgar and opposed both the regime of Shin-Ra directly and worked against Sephiroth. Where the history branches off, however, is during a brutal confrontation where AVALANCHE, the upper hierarchy of Shin-Ra, and Sephiroth all coverged at the Northern Crater, Sephiroth was defeated by AVALANCHE and the resulting explosions and upheavel caused as a result of that caused both AVALANCHE and the upper hierarchy of Shin-Ra to disappear, presumably killed. The remains of AVALANCHE left back in Midgar worked in collusion with another group to strike at Midgar when it was most vulnerable, but the resulting devastation and public backlash at such, along with the lack of any real central leadership caused AVALANCHE to ultimately disband, their name disgraced. Now, several years later, both Midgar and Shin-Ra have bounced back from past events and Mako energy is as abundant than ever. A new group has coalesced under the name AVALANCHE, ready to stop at nothing to bring Shin-Ra down once and for all by nearly any means necessary. Their tools are vandalism, propaganda, terrorism, bombing, extortion… They don't go out of their way to cause property loss or loss of life, but their mission is to save the world; a few lives lost in the service of that is a small price to pay for saving the life of every other living thing on the planet.

The Mystics
Named after the group / army from the 600AD time period in Chrono Trigger, they exist in End of Time as the third such incarnation of that group. Their history from Chrono Trigger survives as an army of "monsters" led by the powerful wizard Magus against the Kingdom of Guardia. With the disappearance of Magus, the army is left defeated and ultimately disbands. However, in line with Baron's ties to Guardia in EoT history, after the defeat of the evil forces that had taken over Baron, a group survives known as the Four Fiends of the Elements. They hide away in secret, amassing a new army to take on Baron. They recruit many of the descendants of the Mystics and take on the name as well, becoming the second incarnation of the group. After years of war, a truce is finally called between Baron and the Mystics which sees the leadership of the Mystic army absorbed into Baron and the southern region of the Baronian Kingdom, already under Mystic controlled, officially awarded and recognized as safe haven for the Mystics. With the later consolidation of Baron and Guardia into one Kingdom under the rule of a descendant of the Fiend of Fire, Rubicant, the Mystics are now a part of the Guardia Kingdom. Some not content with the slice of the Kingdom they see as being segregated from the rest, others still beholden to the ideals of Magus and the Fiends of old, and others perhaps emboldened by "one of their own" sitting on the Throne, many of the Mystics have come together in a cult-like group, vowing to take the northern lands as their ancestors once tried.

You can connect to End of Time through host eotmud.com and port 4000.

More infomation on the game can be found at:


TL;DR Version: End of Time is a Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Chrono Cross based ROM MUD that doesn't require previous knowledge of Final Fantasy to enjoy and understand. We boast numerous unique features including a deep magic and combat system, team attacks, an ANSI world map, racial templates including Vampires and Werewolves, detailed character creation, Chocobo Training and Racing, the Triple Triad minigame from FF8 and much more! We currently have over 136 areas open and ready for exploration. The game has been in development for YEARS and only recently been opened. With much to do and plenty of spots that need filled, this is a perfect time to jump on board!

Full Version:
End of Time is a Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross based MUD with some influence from the Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu series. It was built ontop of the ROM Codebase, but has progressed far beyond anything resembling stock.

While we are a 'themed' MUD, previous experience with Final Fantasy or Chrono is NOT necessary to play, enjoy, and understand the game. Our areas, races, and classes are based on the worlds in our theme, but woven together for an original, if not "inspired by" experience.

We boast numerous ORIGINAL features UNIQUE to our game, many of which written by a coder who has gone on to release numerous snippets that can be seen in dozens of MUDs, including some of the most popular Final Fantasy MUDs. Some of our unique features include the ability to create custom skills known as "limit breaks" whose usage bar increases under circumstances YOU decide, with affects and messaging decided by YOU. Our magic system has seen a complete rewrite, with the ability to modify, retarget, cancel, combine and other things to spells while they are being cast. Our combat system, while round based, has been broken out of the traditional timed rounds and its timing is based on your stats. You can buy, trade, win, or lose in our full featured Triple Triad mini game inspired by the one from Final Fantasy VIII. We also have a system for Chocobo Riding, Racing and training!

Our game offers several other features, including random battles in the vein of console RPGs, team attacks that groups can perform in the vein of the Chrono series (known as dual and triple techs), elemental alignments for players and rooms, experience points for skill use, class promotion that allows you to pick the class direction your character will progress through, detailed character customization that allows you to set what your character looks like in creation, racial templates that "overlay" your current race (includes Vampires, Werewolves, Undead/Unsent) and much more!

Numerous "annoying" aspects of stock ROM gameplay have also been eliminated, such as the need for food/water is gone, the need for lights has also met it's end, along with things like movement points and "lag" time for skill use, which has been replaced with a much friendlier cooldown and "wait time" that allows you to do most of your normal commands within the MUD and just regulates (mostly) skill use and combat commands.

Our world has areas mostly based out of Final Fantasy and the Chrono series, but are arranged and developed in a way that is original to our game. Familiarity with the games is not necessary, or in some respects even helpful, so there is NO entry level barrier to people not familiar with the theme. For those who aren't, you can expect a predominately Fantasy setting, with elements of low technology, mythological elements, and political intrigue all mixed together. Indeed, any "events" from any of the games comprising our history date back at least 30 years prior to the current in-game timeline, and so most of the story and roleplay will have little to do with events from the game; they are simply backstory. There are NO PC versions of characters from the games to contend with, as we are driving for originality in our stories, just in the themed setting we have crafted. At of this post, there are over 136 areas completed and accessible as well. The world and clan systems are all setup for a large playerbase, which we hope to someday achieve.

We have been development for literally YEARS, with elements of the story and roleplay dating back two MUDs and 12 years prior. A lot of time and work has gone into crafting a completely non-stock world, with tons of things in the code re-written from scratch or very heavily modified. I am hoping to draw in some players to start filling in key immortal and player roles. Leaders for the 3 major government clans have been filled, but otherwise many of the top positions within them are open while the recent addition of three smaller, rebel clans provide even more opportunity for leadership positions to be taken. We also have a non-rp clan for Adventurers and Treasure Hunters called the Treasure Hunter's Consortium, so those with no interest in RP can still participate in the clan system. There is a very small immortal staff now, with plenty of room for more. This is a really well crafted game whose potential now rests in the hands of the players and with a solid playerbase, I have little doubt it will soar to great heights.