09 Dec, 2013, Tijer wrote in the 1st comment:
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War of Legend is back again @ waroflegend.net 4200 Pfiles exist from from the last attemt to revive this MUD!

The MUD is going to have some changes made to it over the next few weeks, but it is very much open!

See previous promotions for the MUD here: http://www.mudconnect.com/SMF/index.php?...

The MUD connector listing for the MUD:

"Are you tired of the same old Godwars muds? Maybe
you like them, but wish there were more classes to
choose from. Perhaps you enjoy a place where you
get to completely destroy your enemies. Does this
describe you? If so, welcome to War of Legend.

Here we offer a broad variety of classes, most of
which are completely original and exclusive to this MUD.
Those that aren't original have completely revamped
skills and abilities. With 8 base classes, 22 subclasses,
countless variations of each and hundreds of skills
to choose from, you have the ability to customize
your characters like nowhere else.

War of Legend does not play like a typical Godwars
MUD. Statistics play a significant role in your
success. Items are generated with the randomness
similar to that in Diablo II. No two pieces of
equipment obtained from creatures are ever exactly
the same. There is also a set of unique items to
purchase that will advance you to the highest
levels of strength.

War of Legend offers a special system of forging
to enhance and upgrade your weapons and armor as
you see fit. With this system you can advance
your equipment through six tiers of growth, each
building on the previous tier. With socketable
jewels that add special bonuses to all of your
equipment you can become a serious force among
your adversaries.

Gold is the currency here. With it, you have
the means to purchase uniques and forge your
equipment. You can purchase tattoos, which add
a vast array of stats and enhancements to make
you stronger. Materia are available, which is
an item that grows as you grow, each with a different
and substantially powerful affect.

You will journey through a progression of one
hundred levels. At the end of that journey you
will have an opportunity to achieve mastery of
your class. With mastery you gain an item and
ability unique to your class that sets you apart
from your peers as well as puts a definitive stamp
on that class. With each passing level you grow
in strength, receive access to more skills, and
develop more of a combat prowess.

Combat in War of Legend is dynamic and diverse.
Skills and abilities exist that support ranged
combat, stealth combat, damage over time spells,
arena combat and countless other features.
The more you fight and win, the stronger you can become.

So whether you prefer to shoot your enemies from
a safe distance with a bow as a Sentinel, sneak
up on them from the shadows as a Ninja, rip them
to pieces as a Demon, lay down the wrath of your
god as a Zealot, call upon the forces of death
as one of the Undead, unleash the fury of your
fangs and claws as a Werewolf, or annihilate them
with the jumping skills of a Dragoon, come see if
you have what it takes to fight in the War of Legend."

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13 Jan, 2014, Tijer wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Still doing well on the pbase front…. If you liked how GodWars was, but wanted to see something slightly different come check us out.

We have 8 classes each with 3 subclasses, some of which will feel familiar.
* A brand new overland mapping system, which is currently being introduced to the current areas
* Trivias - with varying rewards.

We also have several players with knowledge of all of the classes, able to give advice to newbies.

If you played this MUD back in the day there is a chance that your pfiles from then may still exist!!

With regular updates this MUD is improving every day. So come on by and give a us go, or return to
Godwars: The War of Legend @ waroflegend.net 4200