05 Nov, 2013, Nathan wrote in the 41st comment:
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Having to add 15 different lines (I'm exaggerating a bit, obviously) to your MOTD just because everybody who helped wants their name on the front page would really hamper your options with art.

If you want to be a troll, you could just put it to the right side and make your mud output 120 columns for the motd and 80 columns everywhere else… It would be valid these days, but very cruel to the people you supposedly appreciate for the use of their code.


Easiest choice is to use different codebase.
05 Nov, 2013, Hades_Kane wrote in the 42nd comment:
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quixadhal said:
If you clearly and loudly say "I won't use your product BECAUSE your license is annoying", then there's a chance that maybe future authors will think "Huh, maybe I should think about my license and try to be less annoying."

Yeah, that's a reasonable point.

I never took that you were trying to encourage NOT to use it, though. I also disagree with the sentiment that asking for 1 line of credit in your greet screen is a draconian, arrogant, jerk move, either, though. Especially with you consider that even if the Diku and Merc licenses don't require their credit in the greet screen, it is FAR more common than not for people to include all authors/credit in the greet screen anyway. One line of text alongside or under the other 4-5 most will already have on their greet screen doesn't seem to be asking that much to me. In my opinion, anyhow, this is the least worrisome of the license terms that I think would be liable to run someone off and seems to be rather standard practice when someone releases their version of a codebase.