12 Oct, 2013, quixadhal wrote in the 21st comment:
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Yes, but you're also missing the point.

Even if you are writing a client that doesn't support playing mp3's, if it supports getting URL's in general, it should be checking the returned MIME type, even if it intends to pass the result off to another program.

Windows, Linux, and OS X all support MIME type helper programs, and when you go to launch one, you either need to pass it to a generic OS handler, or do the look-up to determine which program should be launched. And thus, you have to either retrieve the MIME type from the content-type line *OR* fudge it based on the URL itself.

I'm not saying the client should be playing MP3's… I'm saying you should make the (small) effort required to determine if the URL should be handed to the native web browser OR the native mp3 player.

Alternatively, just hand off ALL URL's to the web browser and let it sort them out.

I would suggest reporting the bug in ZMUd, but Zugg has abandoned it as well as CMud, so unless he decides to release the source-code, all you can do is decide which clients to break by the way you fudge things.
13 Oct, 2013, Viriato wrote in the 22nd comment:
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Can't remember if said it earlier, but workaround meanwhile is to send an MXP hyperlink tag with the stream address. Players wanting to hear… click there on MUD window.