07 May, 2013, SteveThing wrote in the 61st comment:
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I see Thac0 is still the huge debate it was over 20 years ago. Good to know things never change, but do have random() quips about statistics. Am I the only one who found this thread to be a good laugh? :)
27 Nov, 2019, Rhien wrote in the 62nd comment:
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I know I'm a few years late but I'll probably keep dev'ing on ROM until I'm dead because fun. For posterity, I just got rid of number_bits all together and replaced those calls with the number_range equivalent which is far more readable and in some cases as pointed here more efficient (like that call in the Thac0 that while loops until it's under a number, blech).

number_bits(1) => number_range(0, 1)
number_bits(2) => number_range(0, 3)
number_bits(3) => number_range(0, 7)
number_bits(4) => number_range(0, 15)
number_bits(5) => number_range(0, 31)
number_bits(6) => number_range(0, 63)
number_bits(7) => number_range(0, 127)
number_bits(8) => number_range(0, 255)
number_bits(9) => number_range(0, 511)

Global find and replace that and let it be buried on the trash heap of history.