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Winterhold is a massive undertaking, only opened a couple times a year. Step outside of time and journey into a frozen wasteland of a ruined town that has been beset by a great evil. Gather the materials to help rebuild the settlement to unlock unique, powerful rewards, eventually leading to being able to confront that evil.

Unlike many areas in the game, Winterhold is a collaborative, persistent effort meaning that players can come and go through the area to add progress to the rebuilding of the zone. What you contribute to rebuilding/unlocking the zone will remain until the event is closed, while other players' contributions will work toward your benefit as well.

The area is also level adjusted, which means that as you progress through the area, the encounters and combat are matched to your level, so anyone of any level is able and welcome to come join in and help unlock the zone.

Many powerful pieces of equipment are only accessible by unlocking the zone in its entirety, which usually helps drive many players to work on the task together over the course of a few weeks to get everything unlocked for the entire game.

You may access the area by speaking to the storyteller at the center of the city of Termina.

End of Time is a 100% free, ROM based MUD that is primarily based on the worlds of Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross, although familiarity with the games is in no way necessary (or even beneficial most of the time) to play, enjoy, and understand the game. We have crafted elements of those themes along with races, areas, groups, etc. into a very original and unique game setting that seeks to evoke the nostalgia of classic JRPGs.

Despite being based on ROM, with well over a decade of development the codebase is hardly recognizable as such, truly having morphed into something incredibly unique with features not seen often elsewhere. From our deep magic system to numerous unique systems within our combat system, there are few games that will give you the experience you'll have at End of Time.

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A brief addendum, we have turned on Double Exp and Super Regen for an undetermined amount of time, so this is a GREAT time to come in, get started, or make headway on an already existing character!