26 Sep, 2010, pentair wrote in the 1st comment:
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OK. i created a new race/class in dbna. made the race and class files, added them to the race.lst and class.lst. coded in some abilites for the new race. but now i cant seem to figure out how to get them to show on the classlist for new chars. in nanny i added ifchecks for the race and the race helpfile but the new race still does not appear on creation. :sad:
28 Sep, 2010, Bobo the bee wrote in the 2nd comment:
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One way I found usually helps me when adding new existing things is to do a search in files for 'orc' or some existing race, however it might be written into dbna (which I'm not familiar with) and making sure you've got similiar stuff for your new race in all the spots something you know works has stuff.