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Since Paradigm has agreed to allow MudBytes to assume primary operation and support of the IMC2 network, we have decided to open a support forum here for those of you who are using IMC2, have questions about it, or just want to discuss it in general.

Though the focus is likely to be heavily Diku biased, the protocol for running IMC2 can be made to work in other varieties. For example, there are LPC clients for IMC2 available. All of the currently known clients are available from the Code Repository under the intermud category.

Sometime in the coming weeks/months, an Intermud section of the site will be added which will contain information on joining and getting connected to the IMC2 network, documentation on the protocol, and other information. Time permitting as always.

Information on IMC2 and how to connect is currently located at: http://www.mudbytes.net/intermud