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Greetings everyone!
As the title reads, my friend and I run a heavily modified Rom 2.4. It's become quite a ROM/ROT hybrid, but I think for the better. The workload for people is fairly light currently, but I figure it's a good chance to get some people in so we can get to know one another.
The MUD is kind of a tribute MUD to one I played growing up that's long gone. This MUD was a solid Rot 1.4, and it used stock areas wonderfully. So I'd like to do the same. We've imported stock areas to work with our modified code (Room and Object Programs, Item Classes etc). So now we need to go through them and adjust their level ranges, gear, etc.
Caelreth and I are working hard at the code, and there will be bugs. We're importing a lot of things to the code, so glitches or lack of functionality may be possible, but we're quick to address these things.

A Small list of some of the features on our MUD:
- Rom 2.4 with imported RoT races and classes to increase variety.
- Dual Classing coded in as well as a Reroll process.
- Currently 2 Tiers, plan of 4.
- Room and Object Programs
- Item Classes to diversify classes
- A dynamic room description system by Caelreth. It parses your descriptions for brackets, allowing a simple scripting language w/ setable variables.
- The Usual OLC Autosave and Sooch :D
- Updated Clan systems, Channel systems

The list goes on really. We're a fun group to work for and with. Mostly just looking to build a team while we have some fairly simple work to do right now. There will also be PLENTY of need for just testing as well.

If this interests you, drop on by.
sylruine.mudhosting.net 4400