21 Apr, 2015, erdrick wrote in the 1st comment:
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Myself and others are starting up a new SWR mud, and while we are more or less accomplished builders, we don't know very much in regards to coding. I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to help make the changes we want to move forward and improve and upgrade the game so it is different and playable to the public.
21 Apr, 2015, Nathan wrote in the 2nd comment:
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What sort of changes did you have in mind?

Might be a good time to learn some coding yourself.
22 Apr, 2015, Negasi wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Definitely. SWR is very very stale. Which is why I began trying to code an SW MUD from a barebones base (and learn to code in the process). Progress has been trickling along as I contributed to the base and haven't done anything game-specific yet. I would highly recommend picking up one of the online tutorials and just combing through the codebase, if you're determined to use SWR. Try adding snippets and making minor modifications and then begin adding the changes you desire.
23 Apr, 2015, Nathan wrote in the 4th comment:
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I'll try not to add too much more unrelated stuff here, but you can get a few versions of SWR here on MUDBytes: http://www.mudbytes.net/index.php?a=file... and the official site for SMAUG lists a number of variants and provides links to these two (SW:FotE, Star Wars: Rise in Power).

It's probably worth noting that all of that SWR stuff apparently goes back to Smaug 1.02 (March 1997) at least originally. The current version of SMAUG is 1.8 (April 2007). It may be worth trying to isolate either in code (or on paper) what you want and port those parts of the code to a newer version of SMAUG (hopefully with less bugs – b/c C programs can be bug prone). In the process, you may want to document the desired functionality in case you decide you'd rather add the same basic sorts of things to a different codebase.

If you need help with some specific you can always post elsewhere on here for code related help.

I'd offer to help, except I'm a little bogged down in real life atm and star wars isn't my absolute favorite thing, although it is cool. If you don't mind me asking which exact codebase/version were you intending to use?
24 Apr, 2015, erdrick wrote in the 5th comment:
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Sorry for the late response. So far from the looks of it, the SWR:Fuss one or SW:Fote would be the better options. We are looking for changes into the game as far as adding new skills, changing stat rolls so they are automatic at max or at certain numbers, adding in a more detailed account system to count in points, max characters, more races, skills, racial abilities, things like that.
25 Apr, 2015, Nathan wrote in the 6th comment:
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If you have the resources, you should setup a copy of one of them (SWFote maybe) and play it with your team for a bit so you can get a sense of how it works and what's available within the existing systems. I can tell you right now that it's probably not going to be super fast to make changes (even supposing you can find an expert). We are talking about C here, which can be convoluted to say the least, even when fairly well written.

If you haven't already, I'd recommend reading any and all changelogs and docs that are provided. Also, try to work out (on paper, perhaps?) exactly what you want and how it should work before seeking to change code.

It looks like pretty much all of the function prototypes and structure defs are in mud.h which is simultaneously nice and gross at the same time…

For SWFote, try reading the files in the doc folder of the archive file. The basics of adding skills doesn't look too painful, although getting the desired behavior setup/coded might take some effort.
05 May, 2015, erdrick wrote in the 7th comment:
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After going through a few of the bases, the choice was narrowed down to SWR 1.3. At this point the goal will be to find someone with the spare time to help us with additions. The main thing from this will be adding in the account code, and then working on removing/improving/modifying the skills/armor/force systems.