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Aarchon will be kicking off this weekend (Friday July 25th, 7:00am PST) with a few bonuses to celebrate the upcoming release of Remort 9. This event will last until Monday July 28th at 7:00am PST.

Presently, the following events are scheduled:
1) 15% bonus EXP
2) 15% bonus QP
3) 15% Increased gold drops
4) 100% refund rate on tattoos (as opposed to 90%)
5) Increased duration on daily god blesses from the Mystic (found NW, W from The Palace Square (recall))

On the following weekend, August 1, we will be launching Remort 9. The remort 9 races are :
1) Ettin
2) Genie
3) Gorgon
4) Lillend
5) Rakshasa
6) Revenant

Once remort 9 has been released, we will be launching a new permanent global quest for heroes, and releasing a level 99 zone.

Come visit us at : Aarchon MUD : 7000