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We are proud to announce the opening of our newest mini-game to End of Time… Triple Triad!

Very, very closely inspired by the game of the same name from Final Fantasy VIII, Triple Triad allows you to buy individual cards or booster packs, trade cards with or win cards from other players.

The first "card club" has opened in the basement of the Balamb Hotel, and upon your first visit, you will be given a complimentary starter deck of Triple Triad cards that you can use to play and challenge other players. As the game grows in popularity, other card clubs will begin to spring up the world over!

For those unfamiliar with the game, it is a playable collectible card game played on a 3x3 grid. There are multiple optional rule sets that can be enabled, determining things from optional game rules (from elemental affinity to the cards themselves to combo rules that will turn more than just one card) to different trade rules (all, none, 1 card, random 1 card, etc). Many fans of Final Fantasy VIII will attest to the addictive nature of the game and how many hours they spent playing that part of the game!

Other exciting additions to the game recently include:

-We have expanded and made modifications to our world power and clan structures. Many of the changes have been targetted toward making the clans more recognizable from their game counterparts, while opening up additional room for more clan and roleplay options. Our clans now emcompass three major world powers of Shin-Ra, The Empire, and Guardia (which also encompasses Baron), along with the three rebel clans of AVALANCHE, The Returners and the Mystics. As a result, Castle City Jad has been replaced as a Hometown by the Town of Truce and a few other tweaks have been made to the world map and area levels. There has also been the addition of a non-RP-required clan for adventurers and treasure hunters called the Treasure Hunter's Consortium, so now even if you have no interest in RP, you can still participate in the clans.

-The pace all over the game has been increased, from lowering the amount of exp required to progress, to increasing the ability for players to deal out damage. Some changes in regard to this include: General balance adjustments made to make mobs both harder and quicker to kill; enhancements made to limit breaks to make them more powerful; buff spells can now be "refreshed" instead of waiting to wear off, making for it easier for casters to keep themselves or group members up-to-date on their spells; combat rounds run on a quicker timer, which makes the speed value (and agility) more noticeable point to point; stats like attack, defense and similar are now more directly factored into damage, making it easier to predict and manage what to expect with your character's output; several pulses/timers are now on seconds instead of minutes, including spell affects and healing, which makes things like extremely potent but short lived spell affects possible, and along with a general mana healing buff, makes dungeon crawling and "down time" spent healing go by quicker; we have converted from just a post "wait state" for skill and spell use to a combination cooldown and wait state, which also increases the game pace by allowing more frequent (but varied) skill use and also makes having multiple skills more worthwhile, while also creating some interesting skill stacking and interaction combos between the skills.

-We've added a quest journal system which will start to be implemented in new and existing quests.

-You can now view inventory by type for easier sorting: inventory weapon, inventory potion, etc.

-Your hard earned relics are now easier to keep, as they no longer drop in your corpse when you die.

-New sets of potions (stronger restorative values) have been added while the costs of the previous have been lowered.

-PK has undergone a handful of changes: players now do 50% damage to one another to make for more exciting and strategic battles; there is now a PK range of 7 levels (the same as our grouping range); there are now two types of PK defined by looting options, default and opt-in. The default allows no corpse looting from either end and the consequences of a PK death are lessened. The opt-in allows for full corpse looting, but both players must have opted in, in order for the looting to be unlocked. Non consensual PK is still restricted by valid RP reason, however.

Many more changes have happened in the last 6 months and the playerbase is on a very noticeable uptick. Now is the perfect time to jump on board!

You can connect to End of Time through host eotmud.com and port 4000.

More infomation on the game can be found at:


TL;DR Version: End of Time is a Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Chrono Cross based ROM MUD that doesn't require previous knowledge of Final Fantasy to enjoy and understand. We boast numerous unique features including a deep magic and combat system, team attacks, an ANSI world map, racial templates including Vampires and Werewolves, detailed character creation, Chocobo Training and Racing, the Triple Triad minigame from FF8 and much more! We currently have over 136 areas open and ready for exploration. The game has been in development for YEARS and only recently been opened. With much to do and plenty of spots that need filled, this is a perfect time to jump on board!

Full Version:
End of Time is a Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross based MUD with some influence from the Secret of Mana / Seiken Densetsu series. It was built ontop of the ROM Codebase, but has progressed far beyond anything resembling stock.

While we are a 'themed' MUD, previous experience with Final Fantasy or Chrono is NOT necessary to play, enjoy, and understand the game. Our areas, races, and classes are based on the worlds in our theme, but woven together for an original, if not "inspired by" experience.

We boast numerous ORIGINAL features UNIQUE to our game, many of which written by a coder who has gone on to release numerous snippets that can be seen in dozens of MUDs, including some of the most popular Final Fantasy MUDs. Some of our unique features include the ability to create custom skills known as "limit breaks" whose usage bar increases under circumstances YOU decide, with affects and messaging decided by YOU. Our magic system has seen a complete rewrite, with the ability to modify, retarget, cancel, combine and other things to
spells while they are being cast. Our combat system, while round based, has been broken out of the traditional timed rounds and its timing is based on your stats. You can buy, trade, win, or lose in our full featured Triple Triad mini game inspired by the one from Final Fantasy VIII. We also have a system for Chocobo Riding, Racing and training!

Our game offers several other features, including random battles in the vein of console RPGs, team attacks that groups can perform in the vein of the Chrono series (known as dual and triple techs), elemental alignments for players and rooms, experience points for skill use, class promotion that allows you to pick the class direction your character will progress through, detailed character customization that allows you to set what your character looks like in creation, racial templates that "overlay" your current race (includes Vampires, Werewolves, Undead/Unsent) and much more!

Numerous "annoying" aspects of stock ROM gameplay have also been eliminated, such as the need for food/water is gone, the need for lights has also met it's end, along with things like movement points and "lag" time for skill use, which has been replaced with a much friendlier cooldown and "wait time" that allows you to do most of your normal commands within the MUD and just regulates (mostly) skill use and combat commands.

Our world has areas mostly based out of Final Fantasy and the Chrono series, but are arranged and developed in a way that is original to our game. Familiarity with the games is not necessary, or in some respects even helpful, so there is NO entry level barrier to people not familiar with the theme. For those who aren't, you can expect a predominately Fantasy setting, with elements of low technology, mythological elements, and political intrigue all mixed together. Indeed, any "events" from any of the games comprising our history date back at least 30 years prior to the current in-game timeline, and so most of the story and roleplay will have little to do with events from the game; they are simply backstory. There are NO PC versions of characters from the games to contend with, as we are driving for originality in our stories, just in the themed setting we have crafted. At of this post, there are over 136 areas completed and accessible as well. The world and clan systems are all setup for a large playerbase, which we hope to someday achieve.

We have been development for literally YEARS, with elements of the story and roleplay dating back two MUDs and 12 years prior. A lot of time and work has gone into crafting a completely non-stock world, with tons of things in the code re-written from scratch or very heavily modified. I am hoping to draw in some players to start filling in key immortal and player roles. Leaders for the 3 major government clans have been filled, but otherwise many of the top positions within them are open while the recent addition of three smaller, rebel clans provide even more opportunity for leadership positions to be taken. We also have a non-rp clan for Adventurers and Treasure Hunters called the Treasure Hunter's Consortium, so those with no interest in RP can still participate in the clan system. There is a very small immortal staff now, with plenty of room for more. This is a really well crafted game whose potential now rests in the hands of the players and with a solid playerbase, I have little doubt it will soar to great heights.
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CCG, eh? Yeah, well, I implemented one before you…and mine's original…so nyaah!

Since I'm too lazy to login, find the game, and try to figure out how to access it - can you post a screenshot of what the UI looks like? I'm curious how you represent the game state to the player mid-game.
13 Mar, 2014, Hades_Kane wrote in the 3rd comment:
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I didn't even consider screenshots! Good idea, going to have to add these to the other promo posts on the other sites :p

This takes you through after just getting your first and free starter pack, opening it, viewing your cards, issuing a challenge and each player having their first turn. This isn't showing optional rule or trade selection, this is just the most basic (and default) way in which you can play the game.

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That's really nice hades_kane how long did this take to create and implement?
13 Mar, 2014, Ssolvarain wrote in the 5th comment:
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I imagine it would tweak a few noses if they knew who wrote it.
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Lookin' sexy!
14 Mar, 2014, Hades_Kane wrote in the 7th comment:
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Thanks for the feedback!

Midboss, aka Adonic Fury, aka a bunch of other names (those are the two he's posted and released code here, under) is the author of the code. He's done a ton of great work for End of Time, from Triple Triad, to our in-depth casting system, to the Limit Break system, to Chocobo Training/Riding/Racing/Betting and really so much more.

Triple Triad was something that he started on a few times in the past, getting a ton of of the basics in all the way up to the game engine, where the game engine itself was something that stalled him a bit. This last push through, though, I want to say it took him maybe a week or two to get everything finished up, then another week of debugging/bug fixing.

In his prime, I could log out one night after some discussion on some new systems or changes, log back in the next morning and the entire big system would be in, balanced, and debugged. Talk about a machine! Truly, End of Time wouldn't be what it is today without his enormous and frequent contributions.
14 Mar, 2014, Lyanic wrote in the 8th comment:
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I like the UI of the game, but it's not very accessible to people using screen readers (though, neither is the majority of EOT). I also imagine the formatting goes wonky sometimes in certain clients. Still, it looks pretty.

I might post screenshots of mine this weekend if I unlazy myself - it's a much more minimalist UI (everything is "described" instead of "displayed").
14 Mar, 2014, Hades_Kane wrote in the 9th comment:
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Eventually, we're going to attempt to adjust a lot of things if a player were to enable the screen reader option. In fact, the option to have the game presented in this way will replace the prompt at the beginning of the login sequence that currently asks for color.

For now, though, the game is terribly unfriendly to screen readers, and really, until we start the screen reader conversion, we aren't making big design decisions based around that. There are some things that are aimed at helping where we can for the time being (the elemental field can be viewed via the field command, which has a text read out of the colors, for example), but at the moment, I wouldn't recommend EoT for any gamer using a screen reader.

A time will come when that changes, though, and it will be my goal at that point to make the game have maximum capability.

Thus far, we've had no complaints about the formatting going wonky from anyone.
15 Mar, 2014, Lyanic wrote in the 10th comment:
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I created a quick demo of my CCG.
15 Mar, 2014, roguewombat wrote in the 11th comment:
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Wow, Lyanic… you suck at Planarity. :wink:

Do you have a help file explaining the rules you can paste? How rounds are awarded is pretty opaque in that .txt.
15 Mar, 2014, Lyanic wrote in the 12th comment:
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roguewombat said:
Wow, Lyanic… you suck at Planarity. :wink:

Do you have a help file explaining the rules you can paste? How rounds are awarded is pretty opaque in that .txt.

The demo was intended to be more cursory and humorous, just showing off the flow of the gameplay and the NPC AI. I had no chance of winning against a Level 97 player. I maybe could've taken two rounds if I'd customized my hand and strategized better. As for the rules…here.

The game mechanics are actually a little complex and math-heavy. There are some commands you can use in-game to automatically view card stats with various plane modifiers applied. It takes a while to pick up, though. I had some notes for adjustments to make it a bit friendlier - including tweaks to the NPC AI (at higher levels, they play a mathematically perfect game and are almost impossible to win against). I also had designs for a multi-player version (3-7 players) where everyone puts down cards aligned against the playable edges of other cards on the board and some order of precedence applies for the damage calculations.

It was really just a toy project I implemented one week a couple years ago on a whim, and I haven't touched it since.