09 Mar, 2014, Whitenoise wrote in the 1st comment:
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So having played many modern mmo games and being a coder i always find things that are lacking and things i would do different. I decided to take some ideas of my own and build a mud. So in short this will be a fantasy scifi game with the dream of building a functional world. If it goes live and catches on cool… if it ends up just being a learning project that goes no where cool… I know that muds do not have the same flare they did 15 years ago to the general gamer but I was wondering if anyone is interested in helping to build one either for learning purposes or because they have done so in the past and have ideas that work to share. As I stated its very early development however a basis for the game is already done and though open to suggestions for changes we are ready to start development. This is a new experiance for those of us working on it and would like to have others with the goal in mind to learn to feel welcome to help in development.

if interested you may contact me via email form

Just so all are aware I do plan on using the smaug codebase for this
09 Mar, 2014, Idealiad wrote in the 2nd comment:
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You need to give more information about your game to get anyone interested in working on it.
09 Mar, 2014, Whitenoise wrote in the 3rd comment:
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The idea storywise is a modern world post apocolyptic. People have already rebuilt a new civilaztion with the knowladge of what was thier previous downfall ( a great nuclear war ) and have taken steps to outlaw things they believe the causes. Guns, global world orders, Machine like weaponry, They have kept the technology they had due to the fact that machine could withstand fallout and as thier old world kept everything backed up data wise they have the understanding of modern medicine, computer technology, modern transit such as trains and cars ( the plan is to have these implemented so that players can travel via taxi service or train to other areas as well as walk there. Though some places will only be accessible one way or the other. ) However this new world has outlawed dangerous weapons such as guns missles and the like. ( I wish strongly to make fantasy gameplay with swords axes etc and not use weapons like guns hence this move ). There will be 4 towns which have different guilds some guilds will only be in one town or another which will affect recall points in the end. However players will start in the Imperial City upon character creation. I would like to do away with directions given from a home base area to anywhere and cause players to learn thier way around and explore the world as they need to and learn its directions rather than directions being as from [] e 2s 3w n e w 3n as a story teller I think it silly that all players would make the same town home.

The world I plan to spend much time building so that upon any release it will have 20000+ rooms, giving the player a vast world to explore from even the beta stage.

As for the storyline. Given the info above I wish to have an oppressive political party in control so many quests would involve either working against this party or aiding them.

I hope this is enough info to give an idea of where we would like to head with this project.
12 Mar, 2014, Whitenoise wrote in the 4th comment:
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Update: – 03/12/14 –

Races defined –

Have begun editing languages
Have begun tweaking hardcoded skills
Have begun a full overhaul of skills / spells

– TODO –

Edit classes
Assign to them the new skill tree