11 Mar, 2014, quixadhal wrote in the 21st comment:
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If you want to have an active intermud network, you might want to look at my copy of SmaugFUSS on github. I merged in some old (but functional) I3 code, since IMC2 is pretty much dead as a doornail. Note that there is an IMC2->I3 bridge, but I don't recommend it because DikuMUD's IMC2 always breaks URL's with color codes, in every case I've ever seen. I3 uses a totally different color system that isn't broken in that way. :)

I think there may still be a few of the absolute latest bugfixes I haven't merged into my copy yet… it's hard to tell because the SmaugFUSS team don't keep minor revisions (IE: The 1.9 you download today might be different from the 1.9 you grabbed last month).


Github seems to be a bit sluggish at the moment, so hopefully it works. Even if you don't fork a copy from mine (which has the full history of commits back to 1.4), I still always suggest using a source code revision system for yourself. It makes recovering from mistakes or bad ideas much easier.
11 Mar, 2014, Whitenoise wrote in the 22nd comment:
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I did go with smaugfuss after the time researching. Currently rewriting some of the styles that are hard coded and adjusting them to fit my concept. Hit a road block I want to tackle before I continue too far relating to style names however I think this codebase will do what I am after and glad to see it stock compiles without warnings. That's usually a big thing for me in my own projects.