07 Nov, 2013, Chris Bailey wrote in the 21st comment:
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Blah. First try I got final score of 008428, accuracy 94.7, wpm of 65.2. I think the last level cleared was 42 but I'm not sure. Hades_Kane is right, the summary should say! I would have done so much better if you could stop mid word and switch to another. I kept starting the wrong words and then I couldn't figure out which one I was working on in the midst of it all. Fun game!
08 Nov, 2013, Runter wrote in the 22nd comment:
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I think the zombie one isn't as fun :p

Also, the expert mode is a bit more fun since you skip the rounds that are kinda like warm ups.
08 Nov, 2013, roguewombat wrote in the 23rd comment:
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Just so we're clear, ztype has awesome music. : )

Gave it another go and died on wave 19, expert. 5328, 96.7%, 62.6 wpm.

19 Nov, 2013, Lundex wrote in the 24th comment:
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53.4 words per minute, with 90.9% accuracy level 25