08 Dec, 2012, Scrye wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello, everyone. It's been a few years since I delved into playing with a MUD,
however I've never seen this come up before. When I try to run the startup for
Merc 2.2, it just says "charges: Command not found". Anyone know what this is
and how to fix it so the MUD will run? I would appreciate the help! Thanks.
08 Dec, 2012, Igabod wrote in the 2nd comment:
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in the startup file there will be a command called charges in there. just comment out that entire portion and it should work. I don't know what the hell the command does, but that's how ya fix it the easy way.

It may also only be one word, I dunno. post the startup script and I can help ya better.
08 Dec, 2012, Scrye wrote in the 3rd comment:
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#! /bin/csh -f
# Written by Furey.
# With additions from Tony.

# Set the port number.
set port = 6767
if ( "$1" != "" ) set port="$1"

# Change to area directory.
cd ../area

# Set limits.
limit stack 1024k
if ( -e shutdown.txt ) rm -f shutdown.txt

while ( 1 )
# If you want to have logs in a different directory,
# change the 'set logfile' line to reflect the directory name.
set index = 1000
while ( 1 )
set logfile = ../log/$index.log
if ( ! -e $logfile ) break
@ index++

# Record initial charges
charges >> $logfile

# Run merc.
# Check if already running
set matches = `netstat -a | grep ":$port " | grep -c LISTEN`
if ( $matches >= 1 ) then
# Already running
echo MUD Already running.
exit 0
../src/merc $port >&! $logfile

# Restart, giving old connections a chance to die.
if ( -e shutdown.txt ) then
rm -f shutdown.txt
exit 0
sleep 15
09 Dec, 2012, Igabod wrote in the 4th comment:
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Ok, see the bit that says
# Record initial charges
charges >> $logfile

just comment out the charges >> $logfile part by putting a # in front of it. should fix the problem