19 Sep, 2012, dnicolai wrote in the 1st comment:
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I have been sort of obsessing about the idea of building a MUD based on the D&D 4e game maps that came out a few years ago and recently I decided that I really wanted to press forward with the idea. At first I tried to put up my own game, but as it turns out… I don't know how to do that. That's why I'm writing here, to express my interest in this project and to see if I can find any like-minded people out there who might be interested in something along these lines as well.

I wrote out a bit of a Game Layout over the last couple of days, not too long, but it gives a good basis for what I'm thinking about doing, you can read it here: Nentir Vale: Game Layout

I'm interested in finding a coder and perhaps a few builders to go over plans and ideas for the game with me, I've got a lot of ideas, but I may be missing some things. If anyone is interested in colaborating with me on this, please send me an AIM message to GageEndal or email me at DanielNicolai@gmail.com if I'm not responding on AIM.

As far as the game's creation goes, I really don't mind building the whole thing. I know what the races and classes need to look like and I know how to adjust them to do what I want. I figure that 99% of the game will be produced through overland maps or some sort of overview system, the perk of the overland maps, however, is that we might be able to build something akin to the old DragonBallZ (FE) game from years back and allow for attacks to be made from long range. I feel that a turn-based combat system would be the best for this, but an auto-combat system would work as well. The 1% of the rooms that wouldn't be overland maps would be places where new players learn how to play and perhaps a few private houses.. not sure where that all would go.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts and let's try to get a team together! Coders are the thing we need most!
19 Sep, 2012, dnicolai wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Oh, as for the game's codebase, I really don't mind what we use, though I am leaning towards SMAUG/AFK/Circle as it's base simply because I know them better than the rest as a builder. AFK is ideal for me since it already has the Overland Map functions to it.
20 Sep, 2012, Sargonas wrote in the 3rd comment:
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If you want a code base that already implements the skill/feats then either Rasputin from cwg.lazuras.org, or pm Gicker for his d20 mud fantasy version he is releasing soon to the public, both contain about 90% of what you'd want to use for D&D, the overland map part I'm not sure of.
23 Sep, 2012, dnicolai wrote in the 4th comment:
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The beginnings of this game are up and running. We've got two coders and one fantastic version of SMAUG that has been bugchecked and cleaned to an incredible level. Overland Maps are in place and new ones are enroute.

What we need now are some builders who are familiar with Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition who would be interested in building some dungeons for the players. Also, people interested in fleshing out some harvesting areas would be fantastic as well (you will get to work with overland maps with those) as well as one or two people who would be interested in helping write some quest scripts to flesh out the dungeons and cities.

As of right now, the Nentir Vale world map has been imported and is (more or less) finished. I also am almost finished with the town maps for Fallcrest and the Nine Pillared Hall.

Any builders interested in joining us on this project can connect to the game at any time, but we aren't quite ready for players yet (the game is mostly just the two maps right now). We should be getting up to player testing in the next couple/few weeks though if we can dish out a few zones, though it will be a slow climb to the top since we're going to start with the low level zones and push our way up.

Port: 4000
27 Sep, 2012, dnicolai wrote in the 5th comment:
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Just a quick update. We moved our game to a more stable server that has higher data for us.

host: dnd.mudhosting.net
port: 7500

We're still looking for builders or even just people who would be interested in running a D&D 4e tabletop game (we want to run one in-game while we're building as a team building exercise)