24 Feb, 2011, Sryth wrote in the 1st comment:
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Original topic here: http://www.mudbytes.net/topic-2337

Is Barm still around here? I noticed that miniboa is a nice library, also that the netboa google-code project seems to be a more recent branch-off/reimplementation, but for netboa there is no code/downloads on the project page. Just curious what the status is on this little lib.
24 Feb, 2011, chrisd wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Barm hasn't been around for a while, as far as I'm aware. None of his projects (Bogboa, Miniboa, Netboa) saw many updates in 2010 but his blog seems to indicate that he was working on stuff. I'm interested in it too - Miniboa helped me get started with network stuff.
24 Feb, 2011, Sryth wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Thanks for the reply and the blog link. Hopefully he still lurks around. But whether he does or not, what I'm planning on doing is updating miniboa to at least python 3.1, and maybe building something around it. I've been out of the mudding game for a couple years due to work, but now I'm deployed for the next six months.

Most of my day currently is manning radios with 5 computers arrayed around me, leaves me a good deal of coding time.

Mostly I'm asking if he's still around to see if Netboa is a better project to start with, etc.
25 Feb, 2011, Barm wrote in the 4th comment:
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Hey guys.

In a nutshell, I made some nice progress on a total re-write. Then I started a new Telnet decoder and realized I had lost all enthusiasm for the protocol – it's just too brain dead and unevenly supported. I was way more keen on WebSockets. So keen that I added a small HTTP server to netboa (along with the ability to run multiple services under the same server) to make browser-based clients easier to host. Then jackasses had to ruin things for everyone by abusing WebSockets and browsers shelved them:


So I'm kinda waiting for WebSockets 2.0 to get hammered out. I haven't done a code commit because it's not useful for anything but a poor web server yet but if there's interest I don't mind posting it. I don't even think the code is commented. I did enjoy digging into HTTP; learned a bit.

This is what my test script looks like:

from netboa import Server
from netboa.http import HttpService
from netboa.websocket import WebSocketService

## Create our services
http = HttpService(port=7777)
websocket = WebSocketService(port=7778)

## Create our server
server = Server((http, websocket))

print '–> Starting Server. Press CTRL-C to exit.'
while True:

For safely reasons, it will only serve documents from a folder called 'public_html' in the current directory. I just ran it and looks like WebSockets are broken (or have changed) in Chrome too.
25 Feb, 2011, Sryth wrote in the 5th comment:
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Hey Barm,
Good to see things aren't abandoned. Another package I'm looking at is pants. (pantsweb/pantsmud) it is lightweight enough to be manageable and seems maintainable and currently maintained. There are some recent changes to the core on pantsweb that haven't been pushed to pantsmud yet but they've only been made in the last few days. Take a look, might save you some effort.

25 Feb, 2011, Runter wrote in the 6th comment:
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I'm surprised I missed the news wrt web sockets. FWIW I think they weren't production ready yet anyways. I think in the long term something like web sockets is inevitable.
25 Feb, 2011, Barm wrote in the 7th comment:
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I exchanged a few emails with the guys doing PantsMUD a while back. They have really turned it into a nice looking codebase.
01 Mar, 2011, Barm wrote in the 8th comment:
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Sryth said:
… but now I'm deployed for the next six months.

Most of my day currently is manning radios with 5 computers arrayed around me, leaves me a good deal of coding time.

Deployed as in the military? In a previous life I was a Electronic Technician in the US Navy and did two West-Pacs, mostly working on radios and crypto gear.