01 Feb, 2011, Vfx23 wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello everyone. Im looking for a coder that is experienced
with working on Rom2.4b6 codebase. The code has been
modified some, but if you can code on Rom, it wont be a
problem, since we added it in a long time ago as stock

The reason that I am looking for a coder is so I can work on
other things, code wise and other things in the mud non-code
wise. Im on the computer about 6-8 hours a day. CET time
zone, so 6 hours ahead of EST. So EST time zone Id be on
from about 2am until 7am, and then from about 9am until

Chronicles of The Blade is a med/fantasy themed mud which is
fully operationable and open to players. We have an ok
pbase again (just reopened a couple weeks ago, so obviously
not a huge pbase yet) but most of the people who stop by, do
come back to play. Added in double exp yesterday and it works
fine (except it doesnt turn off when it is supposed to, it just keeps
running, and doesnt send on public channels when it runs out, just
announces when turned on and when it gets turned off). Adding in
Double damage too, thats one of the reasons why they stay lol.

If you apply, please be experienced in both adding things
and debugging. Knowing how to get around with gdb is a
plus, but not required. Having a nasty problem now of
having the mud crash off and on (a bit too much), and not
all too familiar in how to debug the probs that are in the
code right now. I debugged a lot of things, but the current
problems Im having trouble with.

So if you decide to stop by and apply, Id be more than happy
to speak to you and possibly hire you. As for you serious
coders, you can understand that I dont give shell access
right away. Have had that problem too many times where
people come and claim they are coders, then just take the
code and leave.

If you want to apply, and Im not on, either send me an email
and how to get in touch with you, reply on this post, or
send a note to Zaphyre (me) on the mud. Will be happy to
hear from you soon.

Address: frostmud.com
Port: 8310
If you connect via IP:

01 Feb, 2011, Dubstack1987 wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Don't feel to bad man if no one message you, I haven't heard anything off my request for a coder to help me. Maybe I didn't ask the right or most coder have their own mud or muds they work on.
02 Feb, 2011, Kline wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Dubstack1987 said:
most coder have their own mud or muds they work on.

This is the primary reason. People will need a strong incentive and you will need to be a very good salesman to persuade someone away from their own goals/dreams/hobby/project to work on yours. I think Crat's famous newcommer letter will outline all the fine points for both of you. Nothing against either of your projects; best of luck! Just understand why you will get little to no offers to join your project when we all already have our own.
02 Feb, 2011, Runter wrote in the 4th comment:
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I think it's important to understand that programming is hard. It's probably more difficult than non-programmers give programmers credit for. So as Kline says, if there's no incentive why is someone going to join a project that isn't really their passion and do something for you that's both valuable and difficult. Skilled labor isn't something that just falls in your lap. If you're not paying them there has to be something to offset that. Like them being very interested in your project and its future. Many a games have found good programmers in the people who play the game itself and happen to be skilled. Asking anonymous people to work like this is similar to cold calling. You have to be able to sell it.
02 Feb, 2011, Ssolvarain wrote in the 5th comment:
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Free pocket protectors, at least. You need to give them things they can relate to. Drugs, money, women… they crave not these things.