28 Jan, 2011, Dubstack1987 wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hello, my name is Dub and I would like to ask if anyone here like to make a Gundam mud with me. I do not do an overnight mud. If am willing to spend my own money I do believe I want it to succeed. The basic mud I have is one I found of this website here. Im not a coder but if someone who wants to help me do so please Im not asking you to teach me and I do not want someone to think I would rush them on project I asked them to do. Now that is out of the way, I would like to point I can build so am not useless. The code is S.W.R that will just need to be heavily revamp, and a new better ship code put in.

To give you a few goal idea's of what I would like to meet before, I even think of sharing it with a player to test.

1. Massive space area. (Godly HUGE!!!)

2. Light speed travel.(Getting around in suit will take a long time{like an hour}, Taking a ship would be faster (Without light speed it would take ten to fifteen minutes.), "Having a ship with light speed will take you only a few minutes.)

3. Ready to buy ships, and suits. (Like a ship shop that will let you pick and customize your ship "such as a name and weapons"

4. Earth, Mars, Earth moon Colony 619 Newbie School, and Space station. (These will be large zones.)

5. In character roleplay. (Where you have to play as the person, (This does limit OOC. Meaning you can't talk about quest and levels and hp and other IC stuff over ooc and tell.)

6. Skill system. (Each Sensei will give different skills)

7. Race class. (North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia) "by picking one you would go to the next part of making your character, which is picking skin color and than where you are from." (it look something like this; new-Name-password-age-location (Na,Sa,Af,EU,AS,AU,)- (than you get to put what country you from.)(place's such as, like my dude would be from USA or RUSSIA it be dull down to RUS for short or Eng for England.)-skin color-hair style-hair color-eye color-Sensei-newbie school.

8.loan system. (People can borrow money, they have to pay it back or a "Repoman" would come to steal their stuff from them or ship or suit or if they borrowed a lot to kill them.

9.Sensei trainers. (Teach skills)

10.damageable areas in wide scale. (like if I have a gundam and I want to blow up a town I could and kill everyone in it.

I understand this would seem like a lot of work and some of it is and I can understand if a jury of my peers don't like what I wrote that is fine. Like "I" said am going to be paying for it "I" do not won't a fly by night. Please understand that I want this mud to be a good Roleplay mud.

The solo idea is that no one has to level to play. You can gain money different ways. In the mud there will be jobs and other things you do besides leveling. "This is a non leveling game." You have to train to get stronger such as push up's, running, etc."
03 Feb, 2011, Miker wrote in the 2nd comment:
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I have always wanted to build a Universal Century MUD and have tried on several attempts. I have six years of coding with various SWRs and know FotE inside and backwards. Currently, I am working on my own MUD starting in SocketMUD(too lazy to want to build it completely from scratch), but it's just another hobby.

As you said, you will be paying for it so you'll have things you want. But since I am looking to code, I'll have idea of my own.

You say better ship code. Stock SWR has horrible physics and is geared towards space opera. Gundam(Universal Century, at least) is closer to hard scifi. I have bought up all the Mekton Zeta RPG books I can find and would like to use that as a guide for the ship system(and other systems perhaps).

As for massive space areas, we can keep the design of starsystems, but turn them into smaller systems that represent the La Grange Points around which the Colonies sit. In UC Gundam, OYW era, we have Sides 1-7(2,4, and 5 destroyed), the Lunar cities(Amman, Von Braun, Granada, etc), Mars(Outpost for Jupiter), Axis, Jupiter Orbit(for the Helium-3), and many sites on Earth, though most cities are largely abandoned. To reach these, we wouldn't need lightspeed. We could retool the hyperdrive into a "burn" system where a ship would expend lots of fuel in order to accelerate to distant places(and decelerate upon arriving). Mobile Suits and smaller ships would take a longer time(less fuel for acceleration).

As for the roleplay, the way I see it, Mobile Suits are expensive things. If one did not belong to a government(Zeon/Federation), corporation(Anaheim Electronics/Zimmad/Zeonic Corporation) or large rebel group(Karaba/AEUG), it would be more difficult to obtain one(via theft or build your own like Layzner in 0083). Smaller ships and Junior Mobile Suits(there several in CCA) would be available to civilians, however. This would encourage players to join the major sides, but would make it possible for small time company or guerrillas to get ahold of some decent hardware.

I don't believe the race class is necessary unless a race would grant bonuses. By the time most Gundam shows take place, several generations have lived in space. There are few people living on Earth(about a billion and most in the major cities) so the countries would be rather vague and merge with the "racial" areas(Latin America, North America, North Europe, South Europe, Eastern Europe, China, India, Central Asia, Japan, South Asia, Middle East, West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, Australia).

EDIT: Also, I curse you because now I will not be able to sleep. I'll be thinking of this all night :P
03 Feb, 2011, Ssolvarain wrote in the 3rd comment:
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There's is a gundam MMO out there. Been discontinued now, but there's an english patch for fan-ran servers. It's… a really horrible game. Might be worth peeking at, though.
03 Feb, 2011, Dubstack1987 wrote in the 4th comment:
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I like to mud video games take away the ability to think.
03 Feb, 2011, Miker wrote in the 5th comment:
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Yeah, Universal Century Gundam Online was never popular in Japan. Unfortunately, this, combined with the failure of Crossfire/Target-In-Sight, will probably result in Bandai turning further away from new Gundam games(besides Musou which has made a killing as far as Gundam games go).

But as far as the "standard" MMO ala WoW and EQ, most Gundam shows just don't fit well in that style of gameplay, though a G Gundam fighting MMO might be fun. The other Gundam settings would be good for story-driven roleplay, on the other hand.
04 Feb, 2011, Ssolvarain wrote in the 6th comment:
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I'm just saying, it doesn't hurt to see what's already been done. (And where it dreadfully failed :P )