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First, lets discuss the game called Need For Speed published by EA. The advantage of this game is that it has a very short log in time. To turn left or right, you just shake the IPAD but! be careful not to drop it. This can also be considered a disadvantage of playing the game, plus, it can also make you feel a little dizzy. So I challenge you to practice a lot to reach higher levels of mastery. And dont quit when you get a little dizzy.

Second, the most popular iPhone game— FIELDRUNNER. There are no obvious differences between iPhone Games and IPAD Games. But FIELDRUNNER has a much faster action compared to Plant & Zombie, though. The goal of FIELDRUNNER is for the player to try to quickly manufacture more weapons to defeat their enemies. The victorious players win money after defeating them.

Finally, my fav game: Fruit Ninja! I found a shortcut to getting higher scores while playing. If you shake your mouse quickly on the Stop Button at the bottom left corner of your computer screen, you can increase your scores and even get more continuous shooting opportunities too. The strategy for playing this game is for players to build a barrier to fight against the Fruit. For beginners, dont worry if you cant stop the attacking Fruit, you will have enough chances to shoot them when they are falling.

Talk about your scores here with me and I will be happy to share a lot more strategies.
1. By the way, the strategy that I mentioned is only available in Zen Mode
2. My high score is 100 in 1 minute. Whats your score for one and a half minutes?
1. Here a screenshot of my high score. The secret? Use a stylus pen! :)

2. Why would you buy a stylus for your iPad.. its not a resistant touch screen.. -__-
3. Cause theyre cheap.. and it gets my high score up! Here, I bought some cheap ones for good quality online. And they look cool :D

Look here!
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Any of these muds? I suggest posting in a more relevant forum. Nice reviews but hey, not really the place mate. Could possibly merge this thread with the Thursday Night Mudbytes Gaming thread but still a bit iffy there….
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Hmmm. Might be one of those tricky spammers.
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IP from China. Yeah. :P
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These apps look kinda fun! think we'll just move this :D. Deleted (most) of the posts and a reply to one by Jurden (Sorry!). And of course the dirty spammer ;)
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All good no worries :) It wasn't necessarily a constructive post anyhow :P
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I didn't know people got ipads. lol
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Kjwah said:
I didn't know people got ipads. lol

Since I can't edit, is this available for the android? Was thinking about this when my friend told me that he wanted the android ipad type thing. lol… Seems to me it's easier to get a netbook or something but it wont come with a ps1 emu like the android does. lol. btw, not hating on people that have the ipad, just seems like a waste from what it does. lol. I'd love to throw linux on one though. Well, maybe… If it works well. lol

edit: davion, seems like you have one with how excited you were about the apps in the original post. Though, you should remove the link to the pen stuff since it's pretty much still getting what he wanted which is hits to his thingie he has… Yes, I am being vague and for a good reason. A lot of those Chinese sites are for stealing passwords(Not to say his is, but it's better to be safe than sorry imo). :p The games seem good, his link doesn't… Even if it's just to get him more hits to actually get one for free or something. He shouldn't, he did spam after all. :D

Just my opinion on the situation. <3