14 Sep, 2009, Polatrite wrote in the 1st comment:
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Hey guys, I'm writing to let you know about a new up and coming MUD - Sovereign Dawn. We're a new MUD that opened in late August, but we've already garnered a nicely sized player base. For anyone who is a fan of ROM2.4 - and likes MUDs that keep things "feeling" like ROM but add a lot of content, we're a great place to be. Here's our marketing blurb :P

sovdawn.game-host 4000

** Opening promotion! ** All new characters will receive 15% higher
experience gains on an upgradable item - for free! This item is
normally only available to heroes for a small fortune in game!

** Opening promotion! ** All players reaching max level will receive
five max-level pieces of gear for free to help them on the right
foot! In addition, the first hero of every class will receive a
commemorative statue in town!

Ever wanted something fresh? A new dawn? Something you could walk in
and feel just like you were at home? Sovereign Dawn features an
extraordinary world that's EASY to get involved in and learn.

Tired of visiting muds where you're expected to read through 480
helpfiles, news, and changes and memorize the 12 page list of rules
before you're able to play?

So were we.

Tired of unbalanced gameplay, boring grinds, non-challenging PVE
content, and an apathetic PVP system?

So were we.

Tired of immortal drama, corruption, over-bearing administrators,
and never-ending political tug-of-war in the higher ranks?

So were we.

When we set out to create Sovereign Dawn, we wanted something new.
We're using a tried-and-true codebase that has been modified over
14 years from ROM 2.4 classic, but still holds true to the
fundamentals that cause you to play ROM. Our sleek character creation
system gets you in the game and playing - fast. No need to read the
TOME of information before you start playing - we know you'll read
things when you get around to it.

Get in, get playing, have fun.

Featuring 8 amazingly unique classes, 2 remorts, 15 races and an
amazing amount of PVE content, we're a brand new mud without the
brand new lack of content. Top our in-game highscores boards, found
your clan, and bring yourself to legendary status within our fun and
exciting game world.

See you there!

sovdawn.game-host 4000