08 Jan, 2009, Sandi wrote in the 1st comment:
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In the beginning, there was a list of games that someone liked posted
to a forum. Others added their favourite games, the list grew, and finally
it was suggested that a site be created to audit and maintain the list.

That site was MudQuest.

We tried to do things 'properly'. We found auditors, we wrote guidelines,
we tried to get the community involved, we debated and edited… and in
the end, it was just too much. 'Auditors', apparently, are related to
'Builders' and Mayflies. And, of course, not everyone was happy with their
review. In the end, it was just three of us, trying to get it all done.

But we three still believe there's a place for limited list of 'good' MUDs.
'Good' being hard to define, but easy to spot. We want games that obey the
applicable licenses, maintain a modicum of proper grammar and spelling,
and offer enough help to newbies that they won't get discouraged. Not a
list of the 'best' games, perhaps, but a list of games that are worth trying
and would make someone want to try more.

We have the list, we have a site, and we have a forum.

Rather than have MUDs submit themselves to an auditing process, we'd like
to return to the original format and simply have players post about the MUDs
they like. Anyone may respond to the post with comments, and if the consensus
moves us, we'll add the game to the list.

08 Jan, 2009, Hades_Kane wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Glad to see MudQuest not die :)