19 Nov, 2008, Falco wrote in the 1st comment:
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The RPMUD Network, formally the RPIMUD Network, is continuing to work on the remodelling of the website and implementation of new features. November 12, we officially ratified our Charter, outlining the way in which the administration of the site would be managed as well as defining (or redefining) the content and format of the site and its operation. One of the things that this did was approve the official formation of the RPMUD Network Operating Committee, an eight-person body that will run the site and make decisions regarding its operation. Five of the members are the permanent staff of the site while the final three seats are to be filled from the community of games listed on the site. At present, each of the three seats will represent games of a different philosophy of code and policy development as it pertains to creating and running a role-playing MU* and will serve one-year terms (January 1 through December 31). Each game presently in the listings may submit one candidate from their staff or playerbase to represent them in running for one of these three seats.

We considered every game having a seat on the committee but organizing and managing such a potentially-large group would be a nightmare at best. As is, the community will still be able to give input and make suggestions; the Operating Committee simply makes the final call and is responsible for implementation. The method chosen by each game to nominate a candidate is completely up to the individual games. We ask that you have the nomination to us by the deadline of December 7 (first Sunday of December) but as we want to confirm that it is indeed a legitimate choice (ie, not some prank or someone not chosen by the game named) it's better to get it to us earlier. Any choices after that point will be ineligible for the election on December 13-14 (second weekend of December).

Below is the relevant section of our Charter concerning the election process:

a. Each game may nominate one (1) person for their respective group according to a process of their choice.
b. Elections shall be held on the second full weekend of December.
c. Votes
i. Each game shall receive two (2) votes in their respective group. The first shall be applied to a candidate representing a game other than their own. The second shall be for their own candidate. Should a game not utilize their first vote, the second shall not be counted. Games with or without candidates in the running may use their votes for two different candidates other than their own if they so choose. If a game has a candidate in the running and they only vote for a candidate other than their own, the second vote shall be assumed for their own candidate.
ii. Each Standing Committee member shall receive one (1) vote for each group.
iii. In the event of a tie, a run-off shall be held the following weekend.
iv. In the event of a further tie, another run-off shall be held in which only the Standing Members of the Operating Committee shall each cast one (1) ballot each.
v. In the event of a further tie, the candidates shall draw lots to decide the winner.
vi. The Election process must be completed prior to the end of the existing term of office.

(Administrating Charter of the RPMUD Network, Article III, Section B, Subsection 3)

The election will be handled via email ballots from the games themselves. Each game will have the ability to vote for two candidates (one is assumed to be for your own candidate but does not have to be, especially if you are not running one).

Though we're still working on the new site and will be replacing the old forums with a newer one, we're going to maintain the old forums as an archive and for the time being will get them back up at our new address (which should be linked soon…so much to do, so much to do!) at rpmud.net We'll also be putting a copy of our Charter and the minutes of our meetings up on the new site when it's ready so as to maintain transparency in our operation (they're a bit too long to just add the complete version here).

So, if you're one of the games on the site right now, please consider whether you would like to submit a candidate as well as the who and how you'll choose them and get the name of the candidate and your game to us by December 7 (preferably earlier so we can confirm it). You can post on our forums or PM us there if you have questions.

Thanks and take care,

Jason aka Falco
on behalf of
The RPMUD Network Operating Committee
19 Nov, 2008, tphegley wrote in the 2nd comment:
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What are you trying to accomplish with your site and what incentive is there to join your network? Why do we need a committee?
19 Nov, 2008, Falco wrote in the 3rd comment:
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tphegley said:
What are you trying to accomplish with your site and what incentive is there to join your network? Why do we need a committee?

The RPMUD Network is a website devoted to role-playing MU*s, specifically those which enforce a role-play policy. The RPMUD Network, essentially a reworked RPIMUD Network made more inclusive, offers games another opportunity at recruiting new players and staff, sharing ideas and thoughts on role-playing and administrating or designing a role-play MU*, advertising themselves, and interacting with others who share their love of role-playing. Additionally, the site offers (and will offer more) features aimed at helping players find a MU* that suits them.

The Operating Committee is the management of the site whose job includes making decisions on what features to add, accepting games into the listings (the old site administration didn't do mandatory review meaning every now and then a non-RP game slipped into the listings until someone spotted it and it was removed), moderating the forums, and general updating and maintanance of the site. As this is a diverse community, that means a lot of different viewpoints. To ensure that the community has a say in the operation of the site, the elections allow them a hands-on method to participate in the administration of it.
19 Nov, 2008, tphegley wrote in the 4th comment:
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Ok, thanks for your explanation. That sounds like an interesting idea. Hope everything goes well with it and maybe eventually if I ever get my creation off the ground I will put it on your site.
19 Nov, 2008, ShadowsDawn wrote in the 5th comment:
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Actually the nice thing is we do allow for games in development. That way people can see what is available, and what is coming available eventually!
19 Nov, 2008, tphegley wrote in the 6th comment:
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I don't have any areas or anything play worthy. I've just been doing coding additions before I actually start building. But eventually my goal for my mud will be to have everything player run (nations, economy, professions) so it will be Roleplaying enforced. Right I don't have much to resemble that (and I haven't worked on it for a long time because I'm trying to finish up my last hurrah coding efforts for the mud I am leaving).
19 Nov, 2008, ShadowsDawn wrote in the 7th comment:
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lol, there's actually a couple listed that are in the same boat.