25 Oct, 2008, Igabod wrote in the 1st comment:
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ok i recently made the max_levels for players 101 and now higher level characters don't recieve quests from the qmaster, it says "i'm sorry but i don't have any quests for you right now, please come back later." is this because i haven't made any mobs that are the appropriate level? or do i need to tweak the numbers in bool quest_level_diff. or is it something else i haven't thought of yet. if it is the bool quest_level_diff i need to edit then what would be appropriate numbers for this? the current code is listed below.

/* Level differences to search for. Moongate has 350
levels, so you will want to tweak these greater or
less than statements for yourself. - Vassago */

bool quest_level_diff(int clevel, int mlevel)
if (clevel < 6 && mlevel < 24) return TRUE;
else if (clevel > 6 && clevel < 20 && mlevel < 54) return TRUE;
else if (clevel > 19 && clevel < 60 && mlevel > 45 && mlevel < 135) return TRUE;
else if (clevel > 59 && clevel < 100 && mlevel > 120 && mlevel < 200) return TRUE;
else if (clevel > 99 && clevel < 199 && mlevel > 180 && mlevel < 350) return TRUE;
else if (clevel > 200 && mlevel > 315) return TRUE;
else return FALSE;

[edit to add] i'm using keggermud which is a rom/quickmud derivative. Originally it had 420 set as the MAX_LEVEL which would make players max at 411 for some stupid reason. meanwhile the highest level skill was stuck at 50.
25 Oct, 2008, Sandi wrote in the 2nd comment:
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Yes, you need mobs for the code to find. :)

This is the bit I used in my autoquest code to choose mobs by level:
&&   ch->level + (ch->level / 4) >= victim->level
&& ch->level - (ch->level / 3) <= victim->level

It has the advantage of not having the 'break points' Vassago's does. His quests are hardest when you enter a new range, and get easier as your level approaches the limit of the range, then BAM!, things get hard again.

BTW, you might want to look at the RaM discussions about random_room. Vassago's approach is… less than elegant. :) It's also less than random. There's a very good chance you'll be sent to the last area you were exploring.

Edit: I'm not big on self-promotion, but take a look at reward.c in the ROM snippets section of the Code Repository.
25 Oct, 2008, Runter wrote in the 3rd comment:
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Here my get_random_room() function replacement. Since we're self promoting. ;)

Far more elegant and implements a C iterator for traversing the full list of rooms instead of dealing with whatever the underlying system may be. (Such as hash tables.)

But from the user stand point you simple call get_random_room() to pull a random room out efficiently.
29 Oct, 2008, Igabod wrote in the 4th comment:
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sorry for the delay in replying i've been without internet for a couple days. i'd like to use a different quest system but i'm afraid i'm just not quite skilled enough to rip the old one out without more work than it should take and i'm just too lazy to try and fumble around in the code removing it. if anybody has any clear directions for ripping vassago's out of keggermud (basically quickmud with a few enhancements) then i'd be more than happy to use a better quest code. i just tried to do some major code renovations during the past few internetless days and lets just say it was less than satisfactory. i need some guidance to do something this big. and i know it may not be that big of a project for some of you more experienced coders but it's significantly bigger than i'm comfortable doing alone.
30 Oct, 2008, Conner wrote in the 5th comment:
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Couldn't you just find a copy of the Vassago quest snippet and follow the given directions in reverse? (Having never seen keggermud, I have no idea if there'd be more to it than that, but you'd really think not much if there is.)
30 Oct, 2008, Igabod wrote in the 6th comment:
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heh wow i hadn't even thought of doing it that way conner, thanks i'll have to give that a try later.
30 Oct, 2008, Igabod wrote in the 7th comment:
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ok…. i did a quick search for vassagos quest snippet for ROM and wasn't able to find it… if someone could point me to it that would be great. i'm using version 2.01 apparently.

[edit to add]
nevermind i found it.
30 Oct, 2008, Conner wrote in the 8th comment:
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Always happy to help where/when I can, good luck with the project. :smile: