MiMud (MY Mud, not Me Mud) Version 0.0.3
Author - Christopher Bailey
Date   - Wed, Jun 17th, 2009

Firstly I would like to point out some credits.

Tyche - I have spent a lot of time working with RocketMUD and TeensyMUD and
as such there is a large chance that I have used ideas or methods from those
codebases. I'm not sure that I have completely ripped anything off, but I know
I referenced both while putting the basics of this together.

Runter - I loved Runter's source naming scheme so much I had to change all the
names of the source files to reflect that.

Eventmachine - The creators of eventmachine made all of the low level socket code,

Anyways, this is probably the most basic mud server available right now. I'm sure it's
filled with terrible design concepts, bugs and anything else you can imagine. It will
require the latest version of eventmachine (gem install eventmachine) and of course, Ruby.
If you find any bugs or having any ideas for improvements, just start a thread on Mudbytes
and let me know, I'll stumble across it eventually. Since this isn't something that I'm
actively working on, I can't promise I will handle any of it. I'd be more than happy
to answer questions about how any of it works although I think the comments cover it.
If you have something good to say about, I'll listen. If you have something bad to say
then I'm not interested in hearing it. It's a dead project and I probably already know.

Intructions for use -
Just run mimud.rb and connect to the host/port that it's located on.
Login using whatever you want, player's aren't saved anyhow! If you
want to implement saving player's, try out YAML. It's pretty easy to
use and powerful for what it is. I could help with that also. =)