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Author: MudWorld

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This code is based on ResortMUD 4.0 which is derived from SMAUG 1.02 and 1.4. Most,
major bugs and mistakes have been repaired. We have also added a new group of features
listed below:

1. A character named "Admin" using the password "admin" so that new
MUD owners do not have to fiddle with making thier character.
This way you make your character and can advance them using Admin.
Delete or change the password for "Admin" once you are set up.
2. Fixed a series of bugs that came with the SMAUG 1.4a release as well as bugs
which were part of the ResortMUD 4.0 Alpha release.
3. Added a webserver option, setable via cset and simply needs
to be uncommented in the Makefile and compiled to work. We should point out
depending on your server settings you may get buffer overflows or have a
chance of a security breach and do not reccommend it for everyone if new to
coding or running a MUD. The webserver port must be different then the ports
used for the MUD's login.
4. Added some more code which is from ResortMUD 5.0, these include:
Banking Updated Immscore Updated Prompts
Updated Fprompts Lockers Updated Memorization
Simular Help Files Helpfile Checking Whois Additions
5. Minor fixes here and there provided by Samson and Zebeid.

- Channel histories were added for at least chat and immtalk.
- InterMUD 3 capabilties, installed, but disabled in the Makefile.
- IMC2 capabilties, installed, but disabled in the Makefile.
(Obviously I3 and IMC2 need compiled once enabled.)

Channel history, InterMUD 3 and IMC2 were added by Samson of Alsherok.

Want a list of the older features from the RM3.0 and 4.0 releases? Go to
http://www.mudworld.org/CBHQ/resort/, if this address no longer works, search
for MudWorld, ResortMUD or UCMM on any major search engine.

* NOTE: All Users -
Do not forget before starting up that the MUD's port, main directory and owner's
email must be set in rmstart.

* NOTE: Linux Users -
We should mention that after you set the Makefile, rmstart and compile the code
that to startup the MUD you must type "./rmstart &" in the src directory.

Many of the bugs and fixes were brought to our attention and repaired by Fellon of