Uploaded: 13 Sep, 2009
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Author: Remcon

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(Done in 1.36, but not on list)
Removed races directory from imc directory.
Commented out CYGWIN in the Makefile.
Added and modified some help files.
Can now set if a channel will scramble based on what people speak online.
(Channels that use the online channels anyways).
Fixed a slight possible issue in do_dig.
(It wasn't using the right if checks but it worked right).
(Also made it show what direction you were trying to dig out).
Tossed in so lodge_projectile will use check_shieldblock.
Added in dynamic mpdamage's can be created and used online.
(Like mpdamage $n fire 50).
Added in so channel history for each character saves in pfiles.
(For yell, say, tell, fchat).
Added in so lockers can be shared.
Added in for resistances to be % based.
(Removed immune, absorb, susceptible).
(If < 0 in a resistant you are susceptible to it).
(If > 0 and < 100 in a resistant you are resistant to it).
(If 100 in a resistant you are immune to it).
(If > 100 in a resistant you will absorb it).
Added in so skills/spells/etc… can be set as magical or not.
Added some more stuff to handle_check.
Added in a SF_CANDOALL so you can do all the stuff with that one.
(Same as setting a spell/skill as:).
(Set up a lot of the defensive spells to candoall).
Removed min_level from skills. (It wasn't saved or set on load etc…).
Made it so it won't cost as much havoc if someone changes the stat order etc…
(Probably takes up more space etc… but a little easier to not have it go nuts if stats are changed).
Added in so pets/mobiles that have stat changes gets their stats saved.
Added so immortals can look at others say/tell/yell/fchat/whisper history.
Added a get_char_area and using it for do_track.
Added in so skills can have requirements for stats to use.
(Can practice it for now but can't use it till you have the stats it requires).
Found and fixed an issue with spell_sectors.
(It was not allowing it when it should have allowed it).

This is the last release for awhile. Short of bug fixes etc…. I think I'll leave it alone awhile :).