Uploaded: 06 Jan, 2008
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Author: Remcon

Downloads: 42

Modified pfile_cleanup (to clean up lockers)
Added and modified helpfiles
Modified quest code
Modified mapout code
Modified act_string code
Added rdig code
Modified Darkhaven area
Fixed a bug in the reset code
Fixed a bug in the pet code
Added support for more then one pet
Added sysdata.maxpet so max pet could be set online
Modified examine code
Modified it so that a weapon in any wearloc can do damage
Removed home_vnum from CHAR_DATA
Added in for a restore of hp, mana, movement on level
Modified check_counter code
Fixed a bug in adjust_room_light
Modified highscore code
Modified score display

I was originally going to wait till sometime next month to do another release, but there was a lot in it that needed fixed and I figured I would go ahead and pass along the next release. Hope someone finds it useful.