Uploaded: 01 Jan, 2008
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Author: Remcon

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Added in gemote (Global emote)
Modified emote
Modified socials (so it could do Global socials)
Added some colors
Modified channels to work with ignore
Modified permission levels on some channels
Modified permission levels on some commands
Updated source headers to include 2008
Updated skill code to handle correct when adding skills/spells/etc…
Modified highscore code
Modified hint code
Added and updated help files
Modified cook code
Modified eat code
Modified board code
Modified auction code
Modified do_areas code
Modified starting channels
Fixed a lot of bugs
Added in lockers
Modified shop code
Modified repair code
Modified help_fix code
Added un_fix_help code
Modified help code
Modified dig code
Modified pick code
Modified rlist olist mlist code
Added vlist code
Added Darkhaven area (manually)
(DEFINED) Room vnums can be set using cset
Added so pkill can be picked on creation
Modified new_damage_message