Uploaded: 08 Jul, 2007
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Author: Geoff Hollis

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NakedMud is a project I started up to keep myself entertained, and fool around with a couple ideas I could not work with on the MUD I run. The basic idea
behind NakedMud is to provide users with a solid engine for running a MUD, but without the content that goes along with it.

I really know little about socket handling, and every time I've looked at the topic, I cringe in horror. That is the reason NakedMud was built on top of SocketMud™; SocketMud™ was essentially a glorified chat client when I got it, which suited my purposes perfectly, since it had all of the socket work done, leaving all of the fun stuff for me to fool around with. Many thanks go out to Brian Graversen for writing and releasing SocketMud™ to the public.

NakedMUD 3.3 is based on SocketMUD 1.9.