Uploaded: 08 Jul, 2007
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Author: Zak

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Release Notes for EmberMUD v0.9.47

Lots of bugfixes in this release and a few new things. Dorzak and I have both become very busy as of late (thereby explaining the slowness of releases and recent lack of work on the project).

We have a lot of ideas in mind for the next release, but I refuse to promise anything at this time other than there WILL be another release eventually (I swear to release a v1.0 before quitting the project)!

Visit the official EmberMUD homepage for all the latest info…
We have a nice news posting setup now to make the page easy to update - hopefully that means we'll do it more often. <grin>

Also, our SourceForge page (latest CVS version of the code is always available here): http://sf.net/projects/embermud