Uploaded: 30 Jun, 2007
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Author: Remcon

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This is release 1.16 of LOP.

While this isn't all of the stuff it's at least something to let you know whats in the base.

Dynamic Channels (Doesn't support global socials yet)
News System
Dynamic Global Boards
Auction System (Uses global auction board)
HighScore System
Bank System
Dynamic Time system
Dynamic Holidays
Character Birthdays
Mud Calendar
Updated Help Files
Suggested Help Files
Similar Commands
Host System (For everyone)
Suicide (Allows you to die instead of waiting to bleed to death)
Solo (Keeps people from following you as you move)
NoAssist (Keeps people from jumping in your fights)
KeepAlive (Sends a message once in awhile to keep link alive)
Gold (Uses 2 int one holds everything over 1 Million gold)
Exp (Uses a double)
Levels (100 levels)
Permissions (All, Immortal, Builder, Leader, Head, Imp)
Auto Quest System (Hard to test without alot of areas)
Reward System (Hard to test without alot of areas)
UseGlory system (To use glory on items)
Areas (Uses KEY format)
Sudoku (Game: Uses the colors sudoku and sudoku2)
Hint System
Transcheck (Used to keep check of data transfer)
Multiplaying Limit Checks