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Login History v1.0 by Xerves (November 29 2001)

Xerves is the admin/owner of Rafermand (mud.rafermand.net port 3002)

Website: http://www.rafermand.net

Contact: xerves@rafermand.net


Was always curious why there was no history list of people who have logged

in easily available from the mud to view. It is nice to see how logged in

and at what time (so I thought atleast). So here is some code that you

can add to the last command to make this work nice

TIPS: Make sure you can read/write/delete in your /system directory because it will

try to do so to a file or two in there. There is all a defined number in

mud.h for file size (#Define LAST_FILE_SIZE 500). This defines the maximum

amount of entries that can be in the file. If you wish to make this larger just

increase this number, or decrease it to make it smaller. It is a good idea to

limit the size because the file is read directly from the HD each time it is looked

at and put into memory, then removed from memory. It can cause a bit of system

performance degrade if you have people looking at thousands and thousands of lines.

Suggested help file addition….

Syntax: last <# of entries OR \'-1\' for all entries OR \'today\' for all of today's entries>

Can be used to see the most recent people who have logged in. This feature has 3 arguments.

- Can supply the maximum amount to show (last 20)

- Can type -1 to show all connections in the file (last -1)

- Can type today to show all of today's connections (last today)