Uploaded: 15 May, 2006
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Author: Conner

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This snippet allows you to require immortal authorization of player biographies before they're displayed to other mortals by the whois command, it optionally also lets you restrict an in-character channel to those who have had their bio approved. Additionally, it lets you restrict bio writing/editing with a nobio command like the stock notell command.

This has been tested on my own mud which is running SmaugFUSS 1.6 under Fedora Core 3 and seems to work just fine with only two known limitations:

1> If someone types 'bio ready' without having edited their bio first (so that their bio gets copied to tempbio and they get the PLR_BIO2 flag) executing an 'abio <player name> accept' command on them will wipe out their existing bio (replace it with a blank string).

2> The abio command will only work on a player who is actually logged in, not loadup'd because they don't have a descriptor that way.

I've tried to make this snippet as easy and complete as I could, even including the help entries for both of the new immortal commands, but this is not a real .c file that should just be tossed into your source directory but rather a code snippet that contains code which can be cut/paste into your code where indicated before recompiling.

Beyond that, what can I say, if you decide to not use this snippet in your code, you are released from all 'license' requirements of this snippet until such time as you change your mind and put it into your code. ;)