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Version 2.10 was released on September 1, 1993. Changes in 2.10 (from 2.01): o Rewritten get/put/drop/junk/donate/give/wear/remove, so that "all" and "all.x" work in a much wider variety of cases. Loosely based on code sent in by Jeff Fink. o "Track" function based on breadth-first search o Configurable auto-save feature to automatically crash-save players periodically o More intense error-checking in object saving system to detect problems with file permissions o Many configuration options added to config.c o Option to make death traps automatically have dump spec-proc assigned o ASPELL and ACAST macros added to match the ACMD macros; spells1.c, spells2.c, spell_parser.c, and magic.c changed to use the macros. o SKILL macro split into GET_SKILL and SET_SKILL macros so that error checking can be done o Enhanced documentation – a help entry now exists for every command o Linux compatibility, and further steps to SVR4 compatibility which will make it into Circle eventually. (Note: you must make a change in one line of the Makefile for Linux compatibility.) o All functions now prototyped before use Version 2.01 is basically the same as 2.00; most of the changes are for making the MUD more portable, based on mail I've received after the release of version 2.00. – Problems with OPEN_MAX and SEEK_x resolved – Some problems with the Makefile fixed – Compiles much more cleanly with the -Wall option – A couple of minor bugs fixed – A few small fixes to the documentation This release information was taken from the document located at this URL.