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Author: Remcon

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Added in top_explorer to track explorer rooms.
Fixed a slight issue with dir_w not being set to 0.
Made it easier to change the default time it takes for a mud hour to pass.
(Also increased it a .50 for the range).
Made it so resets are checked after all areas are loaded.
(Was reporting things as issues when the needed things just hadn't been loaded yet).
Found that in some cases using MSL instead of MIL on strings you fopen may cause an odd crash in cygwin.
(No clue why, but simply changing the MSL to MIL on it stopped the crashing so fixed all I found that used MSL).
Found and fixed an issue with it closing a descriptor because of the inbuf being full.
Started adding in some extra stuff that isn't really used yet.
(I've still got to figure out the best way to handle area controlled vnums).
Fixed a couple extra things here and there that I've ran across and just don't remember lol.

Removed can_learn_language, show_big_nums, toggle_bexit_flag, parse_bet, can_oedit, smush_tilde, save_all_chistorys, getcolor, show_hash.
(These are no longer being used).
Removed sysdata.ident_retries.
(Wasn't being used).
Modified sysdata.morph_opt.
(Use to only save on shutdown, now will work like an autosave while setting morphs).
Added in so more stuff got renamed when changing names.
(Added rename_clan_member, rename_council_member, rename_deity_worshipper, rename_in_banks).
Added in so names are removed more when the pfile is destroyed, player deletes, pfile cleaner deletes pfile.
(Added in a remove_from_everything).
Made it so notes can be to non pfiles.
(Use to allow only "all" or a valid pfile).
Modified placement of things here and there.
Fixed two possible leaks from fread_strings.
(One in act_comm.c-(fread_phistory) and one in polymorph.c-(fread_morph)).
Added in more for nations in do_who.
Modified do_mix to fix it not allowing more then one spell to be mixed.
(Now uses "mix <spell> [<spell>] [<spell>]").
(First one 100% success, Second 75% success, Third 50% success).
Added and Modified a few help files.
Made it so if you try to delete a bank account, you have to specify which account to delete.
Made it so just typing bank shows all the accounts you have access too.
Fixed add_phistory so it would actually work like it should.
Modified damage to handle the magical/non-magical part for ris for weapons.
(Stopped the other places from doing it and instead just let damage handle it).
Made it so you can't createfire or makefire in water sectors.
Added an ACT_NOSLICE for mobiles so you can set up mobiles you don't want to have corpses that can be sliced.
Added an ACT_NOBLOOD for mobiles so you can set up mobiles you don't want leaving a pool of blood when they die.
Added in so you can't run while in the wilderness.
(One day should make it so you can).
Added in an aset <area filename> noload.
(Will toggle if the area filename is added in the area list or not).
Fixed a crashing issue in can_use_channel.
Made it so it won't let you duplicate names using makehightable.
Made it so channels only show up if characters are playing.
(If you want it to show while your editing etc… you will have to modify it).
Added in for do_who to show how many different ips have connected since hotboot/reboot.
Added in for bti to give a quick overview on login to immortals.

Added in ITEM_CONTINUOUS_FIRE for objects.
(Used so one item can be fired continuously).
(Should work for projectiles or any other item they throw).
(NPCs also get continuous fire for everything instead of having to use programs to do it).
(Don't have to put continuous fire on something for a mobile to utilize it).
(The copy object it creates and fires is stripped of continous fire).
Added in for mmpmload to have a max so it doesn't keep loading mobiles crazily.
(This can cause massive lag once 1k+ of the same mobile has been summoned into a room).
Added in AFLAG_NOSHOW for areas.
(Used to keep an area from showing up on area command).
Took out where money value 0 got set to obj->cost in create_object.
Stopped it from setting you fighting the supermob when a room/object used mpdamage on you.
Stopped instaroom and instazone from adding charmed mobiles to the resets.
(This was annoying if you had a pet in the room/zone and used instaroom/instazone).
Modified unfoldarea quite a bit to fix issues.
(Use to be able to do like unfoldarea ../player/r/Remcon and make the mud exit).
(Use to be able to unfoldarea on areas already loaded).
(Duplicated vnums of rooms/mobiles/objects would make the mud exit).
(Filename of areas loaded this way was shown as $ in the mud).
Changed unfoldarea name to loadarea, since loadarea isn't used in LoP.
(Not sure why unfoldarea was the name of a command used to load areas).
(Other then the fact that loadarea was already taken).
(If set on a mobile the mobile will purge it's inventory on death).
(Doesn't purge the mobile gold).
(Will save the trouble of using a death program to do it).
Modified enchant code some.
(Added in so you can loose all enchantments when enchanting something).
(Added in so stats can be affected also (increases and decreases one at a time)).
(Fixed in issue in is_ris).
(Made it so ris can be higher/lower then 1/-1 (increases and decreases one at a time)).
Modified spell_energy_drain so it goes by how much damage was done.
Modified spell_earthquake some to use characters in the room instead of all in mud.
(Still uses all in mud to handle the area message).
(Easy to stop that though if you want to).
Added a RubiksFinished highscore table.
(Added in for it to work also of course).
Added in a RIS_ABDAMAGE.
(This allows the character to receive/loose hp based on the damage they do to someone).
(I would suggest being careful on using it much like over using drain on objects casting it each hit).
(If your abdamage is - then you loose additional hp every hit you do, if + you gain hp every hit you do).
Added in so channels can be set as adult channels.
(Also added in an achat (adult chat) channel).
(So you can flag players as adults so they can access the channels).
(Figure this would be handy for swear channels etc…).
Added in Kayle's MProg Variable Expansion.
(Added some more to it and used a switch to limit the number of ifs it compares the string to).
Added in so mprog_do_ifcheck uses some switch statements to limit the number of ifs it compares the string to.
Modified dice_parse to use Uppercase letters for victim and lowercase for character.
(Got the idea from some snippet I seen, but never downloaded or looked at how they did it).
Updated some help files.
Added function echo_to_all_printf.
Added function interpret_printf.
Added the fix for sockets.
Added in so if your using trapset and the room is already trapped you might set it off.
Added in so you can bury an exit.
Fixed it showing some exits it shouldn't if they haven't been dug out.
Added in a base_info for exits that is only changed when setting them.
(Always annoying to loose the default way because someone does instaroom and someone had opened a door etc…).
Stopped handling doors with the reset system.
(Well sort of, it uses the reset system to reset all the doors in all the rooms back to the base_info).
Added in wilderness stuff.
(I have tried to cover most the things on this, but I am only human so watch out for possible issues on it).
(If you have some ideas on ways to improve it by all means let me know).
Added in so you can use RESET ADD OBJ/MOB/GIVE/EQUIP <VNUM> [<wearloc>].
(EQUIP and GIVE will give/equip the object to the mob above them in the reset list).
Fixed yell sending mobile yells to the entire mud.
Fixed quite a few problems here and there that I haven't added in the changes.lst.

1.39 (Revision 1)
Fixed traps being set using reset to work correctly.
Reset area will reset the traps.
Added in some bug messages.
Added in a default trap (Feel free to set it how you want, can even suggest default stuff for it for next release).
Made it so all characters can't see an immortal character leave the room when they're sneaking
Made it so you can't fire ranged weapons in water.
Changed do order to only stop the use of mp at the begining of the first word.
Added so you can set age/height/weight using mset.
Added in so mposet can increase/decrease value0-5 by a specified number.
Action_desc is set on all corpses now to show who got the kill.
Skin can be used on npcs and pcs as long as you got the final blow.
(Maybe one day add in something to make some use out of the skins).
Added in a message informing players if they are sparing someone and the other one is out to kill them.
Made it so you can change MEL (Max_Editor_line) and changing MSL (Max_String_Length) changes editor stuff easier.
(The overall max size of a string is MSL so this would probably need increased for the stuff to be bigger).
(You are also limited by the MEL on how many lines the string has, increasing it is good for long programs that need more lines).
Added in so you know how much of the maxes your using while in the editor.
Added in an ACT_NOKILL so mobiles can be set to fight but not kill.
Added in an ACT_NODEATH so mobiles can kill and not be killed.
(Use ACT_NOKILL and ACT_NODEATH if you want them to fight, but not kill or be killed).
Added in the fix for move_char allowing people to move when they shouldn't be able to.
Fixed it so more of the mprog checks can understand !=.
Fixed up quite a few issues in polymorph.
(A memory leak and quite a few other things, probably still a lot more to do on this one).
(Made it so it modifies the max hp, mana, move instead of just the current).
Added in 2010 to the headers for LoP.
(Lol, kind of late, but better late then never).

Added in some more information displayed by ostat.
Added more info displayed by show_object.
Fixed an issue where show_object only showed 2 spells on salves instead of 3.
Added in a rubik's cube players can play.
Fixed a crashing issue in mobiles using bribe programs when they get bribed.
Modified the bribe programs so that location of the program wont matter.
(If you have more then 1 bribe program on the mobile etc…).
Fixed a looping issue in teleport looping if trying to send to the room already in.
Modified do_get, do_put, do_look, do_empty, do_zap, do_examine, do_fill, do_drink, do_recite,
do_pull, do_push, do_apply. (May be a few others that need done sometime, but this covers some of the main ones).
(So you can specify room/inventory/worn).
Included Hanaisse's reset information.
(Found in the doc folder).
Modified drop_coins to fix it allowing gold to go -.
Modified get_obj to fix it keeping objects hanging around that it couldn't access.
(Also added in a check in object_update (since it scans all objects in game) to give a bug message if an object
isn't in a room, carried by someone, or in another object).
Fixed some possible issues in save_pfile_backup.
Removed index_mobile->position. (This is more or less what defposition is for).
Modified the rest of the code to handle the change. (Lets hope I got it all lol).
Added in for mstat to show defposition for a mobile if it is different then their current position.
Made it so when invokeing objects it doesn't set the level to your trust.
(Since objects are level based and trust is permission based this was pointless).
Modified mprog_greet_trigger to do a temporary list. (Seems to work fine this way).
(If everything goes good and no bugs are found might need to do something similar in other places).
(This was done to fix it so that if your using mpat etc… in a greet program it wouldn't fire the program twice).
Removed a MWRESET that was left over from testing.
Fixed in issue in banks that allowed you to create an account with gold you didn't have.
Made it so trust permission uses name in pfile and god file instead of the number.
(Will make it easier for ones who want to add to the permission levels since if using numbers it can get crazy to deal with).
Added in so commands can be set to a group and the group(s) can be bestowed to who you want to have those commands.
Added in so commands people have access to (via bestow etc…) should show up in the commands list.
(Wonder how long that was missing lol).

1.38 (Revision 2)
Took out all the NStat 0 stuff in darkhaven.are.
Added in so it gives index mobiles a default of 13 for perm_stats on loading.

1.38 (Revision 1)
Changed the Makefile to what it should be.
(g++-4 to g++).

Authorize changes:
(Removed mpapply and mpapplyb).
(Removed not_auth and other stuff to do with auth).
(No longer restricted until authorized).
(Only restricted if your name has been denied, until you use name to change your name).
(Can still be turned off/on using CSET WAITFORAUTH).
CSet changes:
(Used to make it easier to change the groupping level difference).
(Set it to -1 to turn off grouping).
(If ON it will make it so pkills can group with peacefuls).
Added in a CSET ASHELPS.
(Used to auto save help files when something is changed if turned on).
Gold Changes:
Gold on hand max decreased back to 2billion.
Gold in bank max increased to 10sextillion.
Trivia changes:
Added in so you actually get glory for trivia.
Added in so it tells everyone the correct answer when a trivia question is answered correctly.
Changed uncorrectly to incorrectly in trivia.
Channel changes:
Added in so all mortal channels are turned on at creation.
Added in so when you use firstimm or immortalize you get all channels turned on.
Other changes:
Made hotbooting only delete oldest log if higher then 1025 instead of deleting them all.
Made the mud create backups of pfiles before doing pfile_cleanup. (Puts them in backup directory, only keeps 10 newest pfiles).
Fixed it so check_parse_name checks for .., /, \.
Added in so lockers will try to load in the room your in instead of the last room.
Added in a run code.
Modified mpdamages so resistants can be set to be checked.
Added in so areas keep list of all characters in them. (Used it for get_char_area).
Fixed a bug where affect_join wasn't working right.
Fixed it so RESET RANDOM # worked.
Added in a way to read notes you haven't read yet. (NOTE UNREAD).
Fixed it so look and get won't say corpses are closed.
Added in so immortals don't get disconnected for idling.
Added in so pcflags can be modified on players using mset.
Fixed an issue where npcs less then level 2 couldn't die.
Fixed a few other issues that I already forgot.
Added and modified some help files.
Added/modified a few other things here and there.
Sorry about the long list, but since I hadn't uploaded here in awhile wanted to get all the changes from the last release posted here to this one.